Better thermal insulation, enhanced safety and refined aesthetics: window tinting Houston offer many advantages for a home. This solution, once reserved for businesses, is now accessible to individuals to bring more well-being in their home.

Sun protection by window tinting Houston

Window tinting Houston are an ideal solution to protect against sunlight and heat, and therefore improve the thermal insulation of a building. In addition, the UV filtering of the glazing treatment protects the goods against fading and deterioration, not to mention the benefits on your skin if you spend many hours behind a very bright glass!

More privacy thanks to the tinted windows

The glazing treatment also helps to hide from the outside looks and put your precious assets less prominent, an effective way to discourage thieves. There is a one-way glazing system that will give you perfect visibility from home, while presenting an opaque or reflective window from the outside.

Sun protection and aesthetics

To personalize your home, and match the walls and windows, there is a wide range of colors and patterns to use. The installation of a simple tinted sunscreen can beautify your home, and transform the light that enters the living rooms, to create a very pleasant living environment. Window tinting Houston now know how to combine efficiency and aesthetics!

Be sure to talk to a professional stained-glass film installer to transform your home into your idea! The Tainted Group will allow you to easily find a specialist near you.


When one is attached to one’s childhood memories, difficult to make decisions that can erase them. The owner of this land belonging to his grandmother had trouble imagining the denature during the construction of his house.

A delicate exercise entrusted to the Lyon architect Carole Guymon who, faithful to her client’s wishes, tends to keep this garden where she played as little as possible. We tried to preserve the plot to the south keeping as much vegetation as possible. And the valuation of the outside, the view of the garden from the house was paramount. An opening bias illustrated by these large windows and especially the transparency between the rooms that allow to see the garden from the front door. “The look goes through the kitchen to dive to the greenery.”

The retired couple no longer having children under their roof asks Carole Guymon to create large volumes for food items and to provide only two rooms. With 200 m2 of surface, the architect favors the space with beautiful heights under ceiling. Central point of the house in the heart of the project, the billiard room was imagined from the design stage, the other rooms revolving around. “My client attached great importance to his American billiards and wanted a room dedicated to him. With a choice determined in terms of color. The Red! Around the central volume are two wings, one with a desk and the other with the bedrooms.

Noble materials and minimalist decoration, the owners opt for a certain sobriety, a contemporary construction which is inspired by a personal history.


The owners wanted to have a kitchen isolated but could open on the living rooms. Like a room in the room, the kitchen area is delimited by stained wooden canopies stained in the mass. On the porcelain stoneware tiles floor tiles, a wooden table was made to measure by the carpenter.

Living room

On the ground an oak floor. A custom-designed bench with a window at eye level to admire the garden while sitting.


Wooden shutters made by the carpenter during the construction


Dangerous exercise for the architect who had the mission to dispose in the few square meters, a walk-in shower, a large basin, a bath and a toilet!


If the house is resolutely contemporary, the owners have made the choice to favor noble materials, teak wood joinery and Burgundy stone veneer that bring a touch of character

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