Is it possible to give men flowers? Women are often asked such a question. The answer, however, is obvious – one only needs to recall the traditional carnations for war veterans and the luxurious bouquets presented to the Olympic champions with a medal. And how many colors do male artists get: actors, singers, ballet stars, etc.That is, when it comes to congratulating a veteran, an athlete or an artist, the question of whether flowers are appropriate does not usually arise. And how do all other men differ from them? Nothing! They also like flowers, so if you want to give a bouquet to a man, you can safely go to the florist salon.

American florists conducted a study and found out that six out of ten men love flowers and would be happy to receive a bouquet as a gift. However, this does not mean that the other 40% of men would be against receiving flowers as a gift. Flowers – on that they and flowers to please all people. Since ancient times, men have been engaged in hunting and complex agricultural work, while women used to plant gardens and gardens with flowers. The representatives of the stronger sex, seeing how women are happy about each blossomed bud, realized that flowers are the safest option as a gift for a woman.

By the way, according to an ancient Arab legend, Satan created precious stones, seeing how Eva admires flowers. He realized how colorful “things” are attractive to people. However, flowers are everywhere, so anyone can enjoy their beauty. Sly Satan hid the multi-colored shimmering stones in the hope that people, finding them, would come to an insane delight. By creating gems like flowers and scattering them on the earth, Satan brought another temptation into human life, often pushing for a crime. This legend explains why the “best friends of girls” are flowers and … diamonds, because one, according to legend, was created in the likeness of another.

If men did not allow themselves to admire flowers for long periods and did not spend time growing them, this does not mean that the appearance of luxurious, fragrant buds did not cause them pleasant emotions. Men, as well as women, love flowers and colorful gems. Florists know that many representatives of the stronger sex regularly order flowering bouquets not to give them to a woman, but to decorate their own home. And the fact that men are often addicted to the cultivation of living plants, is not surprising. Remember at least the legendary hero of detectives Nero Wolfe, passionately passionate about growing orchids.

Thus, the question of whether sainsburys flowers by post are given to men canonly be given a positive answer. However, there are certain rules of etiquettethat must be observed in order to give flower bouquets to a strong floor.

According to the classical rules of etiquette , a woman can give flowers to a man only if he is the cause of the celebration (name day, premiere, concert, etc.). A woman is not recommended to give flowers to a man who is younger than her.

Modern rules of etiquette do not impose any restrictions on the gift of flowers to men. However, generally accepted rules still need to be respected. When presenting flowers to a man, you should hold them in your left hand. If the flowers are presented to the hero of the day, next to which the spouse is, then the flowers must be handed over to the spouse (unless the bouquet is a purely male composition with the inclusion of additional elements – for example, brandy).

For what reason can you give a man flowers?

First, as already mentioned, it is customary to give flowers to men for an anniversary. In addition, flowers are appropriate as a gift for a celebration arranged in honor of any success of a man – a sports victory, the completion of a serious project, a successful premiere, a major concert, etc.

In addition, if we are talking about a beloved man, you can give him flowers for Valentine’s Day, for Spouse’s Day, for February 23, and also for the anniversary of mutual relations. However, when it comes to a loved one, all the rules are redundant. Do as your heart tells you – you can give flowers to your man at least on every date. And why not, if both you and him like it?

At work, you can give gifts to the head, congratulating him on his anniversary, his professional holiday, Boss Day. Especially if the gift is a collective, the flowers will be very helpful.

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