Real estate appraisal is a professional service for determining the market value of a property, which is provided by expert appraisers. The appraiser, based on the analysis of the initial data on the object of valuation, based on the analysis of economic, physical, social and other factors affecting the value of the property, through calculation using special approaches and valuation methods, forms an opinion on the most likely market value of real estate. All conclusions and arguments are issued in the form of an evaluation report. Virtually all processes in the modern economy require knowledge of the market value of real estate, and more than one effective decision cannot be made without a property valuation report. If you need real estate appraisal services, then you can contact BUSINESS-EXPERT.

  • Property valuation is required in the case of:
  • Property valuation is required in the case of:
  • Purchase (sale) of real estate;
  • Settlement of property disputes and inheritance rights;
  • Determining the value of the debtor’s property in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Use of property as collateral when obtaining a loan from a bank;
  • Providing a reasonable price of property to the authorities.

Highly qualified appraisers of Business-Expert LLC will make a competent assessment of your real estate and compile a detailed informed assessment report.

The company “Business-Expert” produces a qualitative assessment of real estate in a short time.

The staff of Business Expert LLC consists of competent and experienced experts, which allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare assessment reports of any level of complexity.

Our company has extensive experience in real estate appraisal projects of various types: from evaluating detached buildings to evaluating huge complexes and industrial bases, including special purpose.


The geography of the real estate appraisal works is quite extensive: Moscow region, Vladimir region, Ivanovo region, Kostroma region, Yaroslavl region, Ryazan region, Nizhny Novgorod region, Tver region, Oriole region, Belgorod region, Arkhangelsk region, etc.

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We work in strict compliance with the law governing the valuation activities, and are ready to be responsible for the quality of services provided for real estate valuation.

Appraisers of the company are constantly improving their qualifications, so the client receives a high-quality full opinion on the determination of the value, which we are ready to defend in any instances.

The company “Business-Expert” is accredited in large banks of the city of Vladimir, which gives it the right to evaluate real estate in order to transfer it on bail. Formed information databases allow for more qualitative and quick assessment of real estate in Vladimir, cities of the Vladimir region, as well as cities in other regions.

In our work we use modern technology assessment, so we are ready to provide you with a quick and accurate result.

The advantages of working with appraisers of the company “Business-Expert”:

  • Confidentiality of information;
  • The competent detailed report made according to norms of the law;
  • The urgency of implementation;
  • Estimator of real estate travels even to remote sites;
  • We give a guarantee on the result.

The use of new technologies and experience enables the company Business Expert to evaluate all types of property:


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