Banks offer special programs for various categories of the population. For example, loans are provided on preferential terms for veterans who took part in hostilities in Chechnya, Syria and other wars.

You can get a financial loan if you first turn to the state for obtaining the status of a veteran of combat operations (further WBD) and the needy. In such categories, the bank provides a VA lenders in Texas on a preferential program, and the state by means of subsidies mitigates the terms of payments.

If the veteran’s status is not confirmed and the person did not apply to the authorized body, the chances of obtaining a loan are small. Also, restrictions apply to age. So a veteran of the Great Patriotic War cannot provide such a service.

Specific programs that guarantee the mortgage to veterans of the fighting in 2018, no. Financial institutions offer a limited number of services. To apply for a concessional loan, the status of the needy must be confirmed, so that it will be possible to formalize the social housing mortgage.

Criteria for those in need:

  • Lack of own property;
  • On one living space there are more than five people;
  • Lives in communal housing;
  • There is no communication in the house, the building requires major repairs;

Area less than the norm for one person.

If there are satisfactory living conditions for a VA lenders in Texas, a veteran of military operations in Sberbank, for example, will not be given out. In the current year, the priority for issuing a social loan has not been completed, despite the fact that its formation began more than 10 years ago.

In the Savings Bank

One of the banks that deals with issuing loans to veterans of military operations is Sberbank. But only NIS participants have the right to use this opportunity. After registration of the mortgage contract, an additional loan is made, used for repayment of a part of the mortgage, payment of contributions or for any personal purposes that do not require an explanation.

The size of the loan for WBD is determined by a special credit commission, having analyzed the solvency, the source of income. It should be noted that the maximum loan amount cannot exceed one million rubles. Pay the loan will have for five years at a rate of 13.5 percent (provided that you have a guarantor). Without security, the rate is slightly higher – by one percent.

A mortgage is provided for WBD in Chechnya in Sberbank by the same rules as for other veterans. Without applying to authorized state bodies, a loan may not be issued.

The issued mortgage through AHML, gives a great benefit, but is issued subject to the confirmed status of a preferential borrower. Interest on loans granted to AHML is 9.9% per annum. The purchase of an apartment is possible only in certain new buildings.

Mortgage for veterans of military operations in the Savings Bank is provided according to this scheme: the bank enters into a loan agreement, and the state body gives subsidies that allow partial extinguishment of payments. In this case, the bank does not participate in the offer of benefits – it agrees to provide a regular loan. Subsidies are submitted with the help of special bodies supporting former combatants.

A person who wishes to issue a mortgage must submit to the banking institution such documents:


  • A photocopy of personal identification documents;
  • A work book in the form of a copy;
  • Certificate of wages.
  • ¬†What you need to get benefits

Increasingly, a loan for Sberbank for a veteran of military operations may not be issued. The banking institution believes that such customers are insolvent. And if a person has an official job, then a mortgage on preferential terms is not for him. Banks minimize risks, which forces them to overstate the rates of the down payment and the interest rate.

To increase the chances of obtaining a loan, a veteran of military operations must be not retirement age and formally employed. But the most important condition of Sberbank for granting a loan on preferential terms is the availability of a mortgage under the NIS program.

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