By definition, a bouquet of asda flowers refers to a studied assemblage of flowers of the same species or different species that are composed according to their colors, shapes or fragrances.

The bouquet of asda flowers is generally offered to a personas a sign of affection, recognition or appreciation; but in society, we also find other uses: essential accessory of the bride, decorative elements for all types of events.

Whatever the message or emotion that you want to convey through the bouquet as well, we can list 4 kinds on the market:

  1. The round bouquet
  2. The fuzzy bouquet
  3. The long bouquet
  4. The structured bouquet

Bouquets of round flowers

The round bouquet is the most widespread form and probably the best known on the market. Recognizing itself very easily by its rounded shape which gives it a certain elegance, and at the same time, a certain softness, it is characterized by its structure in the shape of half-sphere and by its short stems.

It is one of the least expensive bouquets on the market and also offers the advantage of being suitable for all needs!

We can distinguish 4 forms of round bouquet on the market:

  1. The round decorative bouquet
  2. The round bouquet by mass
  3. The round bubble bouquet

The round flower bouquet uniflora

As its name so clearly indicates, the round, unified bouquets a rounded bouquet that consists of only one variety of asda flowers.

The best known are the bouquets of red roses, but it should be noted that this form can use for the majority of circular flowers such as carnations, germinal, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, dahlias, peonies, etc.

The decorative round bouquet is, as its name also indicates, often used in the field of interior decoration.

Contrary to the model uniflora indeed, it is composed of three varieties of flowers and is highly appreciated for its flashy side: it can be adapted to any theme, and can marry with many colors.

The round bouquet in mass

Also used in the field of decoration, the round bouquet in mass consists of several varieties of flowers, each grouped into a compact mass, which explains its name.

This type of bouquet can contain up to 4 mass of different size and volume, which is why it also represents a very good decorative element.

The round bouquet in reserve of water

The round bouquet in reserve of water, you guessed it, is a bouquet which is delivered with its bubble of water.

Due to the fact that it is very easy to transport and is much more enduring because it is longer re-hydrated, it is mostly used in a marriage, death, and is suitable if you want to deliver flowers to your colleague at the office for example.

Bouquets of blurred flowers.

The bouquet is fuzzy around the round bouquet with the difference that its shape is less precise.

It adopts a rounded, lightened, even concealed by leaves which are expressly positioned to give a vaporous effect, and by longer stems.

In the end, instead of the sweetness, we get an elegant bouquet certainly, but wilder!

But to achieve such a result, only those asda flowers with severe, severe limiting appearance should be used: lilies, dahlias, gladioli, lisianthus, etc.

Bouquets of long flowers

The long bouquet is characterized by a particularly long stem, up to 80 centimeters.

These are usually lilies, snapdragons, strelitzias, delphiniums, etc. We can usually find two types at florists:

  1. The long gradient bouquet
  2. The long linear bouquet
  3. The long gradient bouquet

This type of bouquet is characterized by flowers that are placed superimposed, that is to say one above or below the other, and following an imaginary vertical axis. The degraded bouquet can be composed of the same variety of plants, or flowers of multiple varieties.

The long linear bouquet follows the same principle as the round bouquet in mass, with the difference that the stem is longer: it is a question of grouping a mass of flowers of different varieties of by and others of the main axis.

As a general rule, the smaller flowers will be placed at the top, while the larger ones at the bottom.

To decorate the whole, the florists have a habit of adding to all branches and a vegetable handle on the base.

The florists like to make it with noble and rare plants such as molecule, snapdragons, large arums, antagonizes, etc.

The parallel bouquets of flowers

The parallel bouquet is easily recognizable: it is a floral composition that is built around a horizontal base of wood, wicker or various foliage, and that is intended to be laid flat.

An essential element of decoration, it is often used to decorate our tables in reception rooms, or during important events. Some of them are also used to decorate the bride’s car.

The parallel bouquet is made with asda flowers with flexible stems, that is to say that we can bend and bend without the risk of breaking them.

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