1) You need to connect the moidodyr to the left of this tee, but to the left there is no 50 outlet for the moidodyr. What to do?

2) On the right side there will be a washing machine, a bath and then through the wall the sewer pipe should go to the sink in the kitchen. But the right branch is too close to the cold water stand and I don’t know how to connect a sewer pipe to it. What to do? I attach the photo of this problem

And the question is, which is better for discharging the toilet (so as not to clog): direct or oblique?

Dear forum users! It was like that Temka about sound insulation of sewers (plastic). Help me find this topic or tell me again the better to isolate. We changed the risers from a friend, and he lives on the first floor, the noise is incredible and permanent. Thanks in advance.

Greetings, experts! I really need your help. The point is this. We got an apartment with an installation in the bathroom, but with the missing button. No inscriptions anywhere. Many have traveled to stores, specialists cannot identify me with the manufacturer, so that I would buy a new button.

  • The service center Geber it said that it was not them.
  • Of the representative of Viega also renounced.
  • On Groe is not at all like.
  • Generally head spin, help out.

Good day to all. Need help – every time you turn off the water and then connect the water, respectively, disrupts the water supply? Gains water level and merges. Does not keep level. This goes on for quite a while. To this day, somehow it was possible to eliminate it (disassembled, washed) But this time I can’t win…. Help the council who understands. Installation KOLO 99066. I would be grateful.

Good evening dear masters. Please tell me how best to make the transfer of sanitary come by up to speed support offered by qualified casa view plumbing and sewage conclusions to the right wall. On the right side of the corner at a distance of 600 mm I plan to put 45 dishwasher, then sink.

There are a number of questions.

Is there enough pipe diameter 40mm for normal use of the sink and dishwasher.

When laying pipes how to do according to the mind, stitched the wall and embed the pipes or liner to let in from the outside. If the dishwasher is inserted, will not the passing pipe get in the way?

I would appreciate advice.


Please advise how I should do the drainage in the kitchen sink. The team that wanted to do – offered to let through the ventilation channel, I think so should not be done. (although many who advise so)

On the wall, with a bunch of corners of 90 degrees, too, probably not an option

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