SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” in French that would give OMR, however nobody uses it … it must sound less good.

That said, the advantage of optimizing a website for search engines is to increase its visibility for certain queries in the search results in order to collect more visitors.

More visits = more chances to sell their products or services

Yes, in a commercial or service context, the goal of SEO is to facilitate the growth of a Best SEO company by increasing its sales and its turnover. In a non-commercial setting, the objective may be to make known his ideas, his association …

SEO, what optimizations are we talking about?

In natural referencing , if one does one’s job well, there are many axes on which to intervene: points internal to the sites and points external to the sites. In the following I would rank by importance these main levers of action. I’m talking here from a general point of view and of course, every company, every site is unique; each sector of activity will have to be the object of a study whose object will be to fall, the best strategies.

  • Optimizations “On Site”:
  • Editorial content:

The first thing that analyzes a search engine are the texts. Title page, links, paragraphs, subtitles, metadata associated … And content that pleases Google is primarily content that will be useful to the user, who will answer his question, which will be readable, structured. Moreover, facilitating the “digestion” of the contents by the engines will be an advantage, the container rarely preempts the content, however it can reveal the value. Micro formats, structured data, such as or / and rich snippets or “rich snippets” are ways to enhance the understanding of editorial by search For a long time, it’s no longer about “stuffing” the keyword page.

The user experience:

When a visitor arrives at a site, he wants only one thing = get an answer as quickly and as easily as possible. This requires easy reading on all screens, use a good size of character, line spacing, provide a good background / text contrast, provide logical navigation and effective is the least of all things that should offer all site.

Beyond that, optimize the route, facilitate the conversion, be it the purchase, the subscription to a newsletter or an estimate request … The solutions also exist.

Best SEO company For many years, I advocate and apply the best practices of web design to deliver fast websites whether on desktop or mobile.

If this requirement produces a better user experience, it minimizes the bounce rate of those users and actually increases conversion rates. The longer a site takes to load, the more it loses potential customers. Google sanctions (currently moderately) sites too heavy and too slow to load, this trend will increase in 2018.

The often simple solutions exist to give back lightness to a website.

“Off Site” optimizations:

Inbound links or “Back links”:

Since the birth of search engines links are at the heart of SEO, the arrival Best SEO its Page Rank, formula at the base of its operation and ranking of its index has emphasized this importance until it do not react to spam and overzealous SEO.

But still today the incoming link emanating from authority sites is the most effective lever to optimize the positioning of a website.

It is certainly not easy to find links, but again creativity, curiosity and experience allow me every day to link the sites of my customers a little more face their competition.

Optimize a site for Best SEO company and other search engines:

Consultant is a multi-faceted business that requires a lot of knowledge and skills and I hope I have given you a better understanding.

I would be happy to contribute to the growth of your business on the internet, my contacts are at the bottom of this page.

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