School bus for rent or creche by bus from sharjah: you are a teacher and you want to rent a bus at a good price for your school trip in a reception center or for the graduation trip of your graduates? Are you a director of a kindergarten, planning an outing for an amusement park and not sure how to get there safely?

The easiest way is to contact us. BEX Charter is a bus transport company specializing in bus rental in Sharjah with long experience. We are well aware that for the budget of school trips and kindergarten is tight and that you are looking for a good quality-price ratio. This is one of the reasons why schools and kindergartens have already repeatedly rented buses from BEX Charter for their trips and outings…

Your safety is important to us

As bus rental professionals, we know what’s important. Security is for us an absolute priority. You can rent us high-end buses. Seat belts at all seats and a host of state-of-the-art safety systems in our buses to safely transport your children and students are obvious to us because we want everyone to arrive safely. Remember that the cheapest offer is rarely the best!

School bus for rent for trip or kindergarten one of our modern and comfortable buses, all equipped with high-end equipment, including air conditioning and toilets. No risk of getting bored because we have a CD player on board. Did you bring your own music CD? No problem – our driver starts it.

Contact Us

The BEX Charter team will be happy to advise you if you want School bus for rent in Sharjah for your school or kindergarten trip. She will submit an individual offer.

Please contact one of our collaborators directly or send us the completed form with all the necessary information. You can also call us on our charter hotline 030/860 96 260 or send an email to

The best is to rent a bus at BEX Charter for your school trip or kindergarten. We welcome you and your pupils and children.

BEX buses have everything for a safe ride!

Do you want to rent buses in Sharjah for your event and make no concessions in terms of security? Contact us! The bus transport company BEX Charter, which specializes in bus leasing in Sharjah, has been operating successfully in this sector for more than 60 years. This success has been due, among other things, to permanent investments in state-of-the-art safety technology for our vehicles.

Who rides in a bus of BEX Charter opts for a security without concessions. Our vehicles are equipped with a host of state-of-the-art security systems that ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Security systems of our buses

Standard features: robust interior, seatbelts for all seats, speed limiter up to 100 km / h, anti-lock system (ABS), electronic traction control (ASR), electronic stabilization system (ESP) and of course GPS navigation system . In addition, since these systems exist, a large number of buses are equipped with an AFIL, an emergency brake assist (ABA) and a cruise control system. of distance (ART).

All these safety-related equipment details are, however, useless without the professionals who command this technique – our drivers! At BEX, drivers learn to master this technique for the benefit of our passengers during continuous driving and safety training – of course also in critical situations.

A bus driver must extend his driver’s license every 5 years. Prescribed continuing education measures and a thorough medical examination are the mandatory conditions.

In addition, the strict observance of legal driving and rest periods guarantees maximum safety.

Regular security checks

Trust is good, control is better. That’s why BEX buses have to be checked every year. This major control is done by independent engineers in our own workshop.

It goes without saying that our vehicles are regularly maintained between the main controls and are subject to a safety examination every 3 months. What is clear from the surveys of the Federal Statistical Office is also the rule for BEX buses: the bus is the safest way to get around.

We are happy to answer your questions about bus rental in Sharjah.

You can trust us one hundred percent!

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