The fiber Rapid Tone Diet is a fairly old method that still has some success. The principle is based on the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to promote satiety while decreasing the calories swallowed. Effective, but beware of intestinal disorders …

The fiber diet

The fiber diet The fiber Rapid Tone Diet originating in the United States, was presented at the time of its release as “revolutionary”, and particularly serious, since based on work carried out by high level scientists. Interest of this diet: it allows to enjoy, as a bonus, the health benefits of a sufficient intake of dietary fiber. But it can lead to intestinal problems. Read our article

The 10 keys to finally succeed your diet

  • Sophie Fleury
  • by Sophie Fleury
  • on January 30, 2015
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Dieting can not be improvised, and it will be nice to try to pay attention a few weeks in the year, the promise of thinness will not necessarily be at the rendezvous. So how do you really succeed on your Rapid Tone Diet Here are the 10 essential steps to overcome, and for good.

Of all those who tried to lose extra pounds, how many stopped on the way, or took them back? One thing is certain, you are few.

Objectives, motivation, good time, mistakes and method, we explain the 10 key steps to follow when you start a diet, to finally get there!

1- Target your goals accurately

The biggest mistake is to set the bar too high. Let it be said: there is no ideal weight, but a weight of shape specific to each one, depending on the corpulence, the basic metabolism , heredity, hormonal episodes (pregnancy, menopause …). By wanting to lose too much, you expose yourself to a brutal recovery, then to the yoyo effect.

Before starting any Rapid Tone Diet it is therefore necessary to identify its balance weight , one in which one feels good and can maintain without frustration in the long term.

Blind your motivation!

You do not lose weight to please others , but for yourself, for your well-being and shape.

No need to fight against a few extra pounds when we are in his body and we do not threaten his health. A diet is hard: you really have to want to lose weight before starting.

Choose the right moment

Dieting means putting aside certain habits and pleasures.

Before you start, it is necessary to make sure that you are available both in your head and in your schedule . There is no question of restricting yourself when, for example, you go on vacation 2 weeks later, have a party the next day or go through a period of stress or depression.

Find the appropriate method

Dissociated, hypocaloric, high protein …: there are so many different Rapid Tone Diet that one life would not be enough to follow them all! Be that as it may, there is no miracle method. Each has its own arguments, advantages and disadvantages.

The key is to choose one that ensures a balanced diet , and that corresponds to his lifestyle (outdoor meals, children …) and his needs (big appetite, overweight …).

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