Communication search engine listing -advertising is essential for the development of the business but also for the sustainability of small businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises (TPE-PME / micro-enterprise) and very small businesses can only devote limited budgets to their communication tools. But even if their budget is “small”, it is vital to maintain it and especially to “think” it. TPE-PME do not overlook your “tools” of communication, your advertising actions, because these are the “key” of the future of your business. It would be almost “suicidal” for a company not to take into account the impact of its image in the construction and development of its customers, but also in its loyalty…

A VSE-SME must put in place a coherent communication to gain efficiency. Your advertising, your communication should allow you to acquire a real “visibility” with “your” public. TPE-PME must absolutely develop imagination, creativity and coherence to assert their image and thus ensure the development of their activity. Here are some tips and advice for effective communication, accessible to everyone, even the smallest…


A global communication strategy plan tailored to small businesses

Since 2006, Com ‘Emperies has been assisting in the creation and development of search engine listing communication tools for small businesses (craftsmen, liberal professions, restaurants, consultants, businesses …). The implementation of a real action plan of advertising communication adapted to the budget and the structure of the TPE-SME is essential in the success of the development of their brand image. This reflection on the specific communication of TPE-PME is the result of more than 20 years of experience with the advertiser as a communication officer and 10 years of creation associated with consulting with small businesses and SMEs ( via Com ‘Footprints). Here is a list of four tracks, four types of advertising communication tools for TPE-SME to follow for the success of the company and the establishment of a real powerful image…

To have effective and efficient search engine listing it is essential to establish a true graphic charter. Your logo and its graphic charter must be able to translate, to convey the “values” of your company, your activity, your vision, your personality. The creation of the graphic identity is an essential act for the future and the development of a company. This identity will be available on all communication media – advertising: business brochure – business card – signboard – book – product sheets … Whether you are a restaurant owner, retailer, craftsman at the head of a small business (landscaping, caterer, consultant …) or liberal profession (accountant, notary …); we must ask ourselves the question of how to convey, develop the brand and the image we want to give to its activity. This allows to define “the foundations”, the vectors of your advertising communication. This work of reflection is essential in the success of your communication. This step of reflection will allow you to define clearly and precisely what makes you unique, the graphic charter creates a “base” on which the actions and tools of communication / search engine listing can be thought in coherence.

A creative commercial brochure showcasing your know-how

The message on your commercial brochure must be clear, legible but also “attractive” … Your commercial brochure must be design, professional to reflect your professionalism. Your brochure must also have a neat color and typographic charter in order to convey the values ​​of the company and to be in agreement with the institutional catchphrase.  The corporate brochure is an essential communication

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