Description: are you having an interest to play a new kind of shooter game in Atomine available free to download? Here you will get to know all sorts latest info and guideline how to enjoy this fascinating shooter with complete details.

Atomine Pc 2018 game review:

Some of us only had the experience of playing shooter games which usually starts with handling guns or running with characters. But not in this one, it is a special kind of game which has futuristic setting and work as a twin stick shooting based on virtual world. Players will encounter the on screen with stuxnet and defeat the computer virus like creatures in the game. Players must clear all the area to unlock next portal and earn new XP points to become humongous with his weapon.

During your play through there are new kind of monsters will come which you have to battle and survive with best way possible. Players get to unlock new kind of laser weapons and upgrade them with bonus points in order to hold the beam and shoot the whole bunch of enemy’s altogether.

The game is so much fun and awesomely created that people of all age will crave to try it out and also play online battles with each other to increase skill tree greatly. The game’s minimalist design is the core and all the weapons you will are made in shape of viruses.

Are there any new set pieces available in Atomine?

This is the perfect time to enjoy a brand new shooter that has no characters in form of men but only laser beams and little tiny set pieces that you must gather to make a perfect shooting experience. This is something many of you have not played even on mobiles you can download it instead of PC and see why this is worth of every second of your time.

Is there any new change in Atomine combat system?

Yes, there are plenty of new changes you will see which are dynamically new and visually stunning. Players will totally see the game do justice in combat department and also satisfies with brilliant weaponry options to go from one portal to another.

Atomine latest list of features for PC:

The main features of the game you will see are quite different from usual shooting games and if you happen to play Oceanofgames pc then you will see that all of them are pretty solid and easy to adapt such as,

1) Unique set of weapons system

2) Allows players to choose based on their own style

3) Thousands of unblock able items, bosses, enemies and many more

4) Comes with controller support

Atomine system requirements for PC:

Before you get your hands on this amazing action shooter you first meet the system requirements to match on your PC accordingly including,

Works good with Windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)

Hard Disk: 2 GB

File Size: 220 MB

CPU: Intel Core i7


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