How To Install Shutters? – Wooden Window Blinds

Do you want to install shutters at home? Do you already have an idea of ​​the type of roller shutter you want to ask? Maison en Travaux presents the different types of wooden bamboo blinds, their prices and instructions on how to install shutters according to your project.

Opt for roller shutters?

Discreet and aesthetic, shutters today offer many advantages. First of all, they help to reinforce the sound and thermal insulation of your home by creating a real barrier against noise, low and high temperatures. And they offer superior security against the risk of break-ins. To secure and isolate you’re dwelling as well as possible and ensure maximum comfort, roller shutters are the ideal solution. We will see in detail in this article the different types of shutters, their prices and the different laying techniques to help you to better guide your project of installation of wooden bamboo blinds.

Types of shutters

There are different types of roller shutters on the market, each with their specificities. You choose which installation will best fit your needs and your budget: model kit or made to measure, with manual mechanism (strap or crank) or operating electrically (switch or remote control), recessed or apparent box…

How to choose rolling shutters?

Buying shutters is a decision that needs to be thought through. The first criterion to study is the choice of the blade material which will determine the final price of your installation. The PVC and aluminum blades each offer advantages that will need to be taken into account. Not to mention the aesthetic criterion, which must not be neglected.

Roller shutter and insulation

The PVC shutters allow very good thermal insulation but are not suitable for large openings such as French windows, for example (not sufficiently rigid). If you want to move towards a model of aluminum shutters , then prefer double-walled shutters that will remove thermal bridges.

Roller shutter and security

Rolling shutters today make it possible to strengthen the security of your home. They are equipped with mechanisms that are intended to prevent infractions: automatic or manual security lock, anti-picking system or self-locking system preventing manual reassembly of the blades.

Roller shutter and motorisation

For enhanced comfort of use, you can choose to motorize your wooden bamboo blinds. The electric shutters operate with a switch or remote control system thus saving time and limiting effort. If your home is already equipped with manually operated flywheels, know that it is quite possible to make it electric by adding a motorization system.

Find in the following article more information on the price of motorization of a rolling shutter .

How to install shutters yourself?

Put a rolling shutter is not easy, it will ensure you to be equipped for, to have sufficient help because you will need assistance for some parts. Finally try to understand and anticipate a maximum difficulty level of different tasks. If you do not feel able to carry out these works yourself you will always be able to call on a craftsman for your shutter installation work.

Put a rolling shutter: the prerequisites

  • The prerequisites for installation differ depending on the type of maneuver chosen:
  • If you have opted for manual crank operation
  • It will be necessary to drill the wall at the roller shutter box to bring the winch and crank from the outside to the inside.

If you have chosen a direct manual maneuver

Be aware that it does not require any installation or layout. Indeed, the 2 handles and the lock that will allow you to operate the roller shutter are directly installed on the deck.

If you prefer the wired electric maneuver, two specific arrangements are expected

It will be necessary to provide a wire exit (motor side) to connect the motor to the mains and a wire outlet to the position of installation of the inverter for connection to the motor.

If you have chosen the electric maneuver controlled by a remote control

In this case, only the connection of the motor to the mains is necessary.


Can I Refinance a Rural Mortgage Development House? – Mortgage Loans In Texas

Low- and moderate-income households in rural America often find it difficult to finance a home. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is planning a loan program that helps people in this situation. The USDA Rural Development Loan Program lends directly to homeowners, but also guarantees loans from other banks for homeowners in rural areas. Many homeowners often use this program to buy a home, and then refinance the best mortgage companies in Texas later using the same rural development program or loan program from another lender.

Prepayment of penalty

The USDA Rural Development Loan Program does not require prepayment penalties. The landlord can refinance or repay a rural development loan, at any time and only owe the principal balance and unpaid interest. Even though the loan is secured by the Rural Development Loan Program but funded by another lender, the lender may not require a prepayment penalty.

Income limitations

If an owner decides to refinance into another rural development loan program, he must meet all the qualifications of the program, including the eligibility of income. The USDA has designed rural development loans specifically to help low-income and moderate-income households. These loans are not designed to help people who are above average. For example, a four-person household with two children living in Kit Carson County, Colorado, can only make $ 45,100 a year to qualify for a direct loan from the USDA Rural Development Program. The same household can make up to $ 74,050 to qualify for a loan made by a bank, but guaranteed by the rural development program. If the owners qualified when they bought the house, but have received an increase in income since then, they can not qualify for refinancing under this program. However, they may qualify for refinancing under another lender’s program, such as an FHA-insured best mortgage companies in Texas. These income limits vary according to the county where the family lives.

Rate and duration Refinancing

Homeowners who currently have rural development loans can refinance their loans with the help of a refinancing rate and term program. The program and the term refinancing rate does not change the loan terms, the interest rate or a combination of both. Rural development loans are still 30 years Loans the program does not offer 10, 15 or 20 years loans. If an owner wants to refinance into a short-term loan, he has to refinance into a different loan program. If he refinance in another rural development mortgage, then he must have a 30-year mortgage and can not receive funds at closing.

Cash-Out Refinancing

Rural development loans do not offer cash-out refinancing options. To get a cash-out refinance, an owner must contact another lender and refinance under a different program. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae provide all refinance cash-out loans. These loans allow homeowners to borrow equity in their homes and use the money for virtually any reason they choose.

Is it possible to refinance a loan fha after making a loan modification?


Changing your FHA loan does not prevent you from refinancing the loan in the future. FHA loans do not require prepayment penalties even after modification. In most cases, a modified loan provides excellent value for the homeowner. The new payment on the modified loan cannot exceed 31 percent of the gross monthly income of the borrower. The owner must carefully consider the costs and consequences before refinancing an amended FHA loan.


Most homeowners who received a modification were approved because they were in the foreclosure process or were in a position where they were at risk of foreclosure. For many, this means that their credit report shows at least one or more mortgages 30 days late. Many mortgage lenders will not provide new loan assistance to anyone who has a 30 day or later mortgage in the past 12 or even 24 months. For some, the change came on time to prevent the 30-day mortgage from being late so that cannot be a problem.

Time since Modification

The credit report shows the loan as modified. Some lenders deal with modified loans differently than they do regular loans. Lenders know that you were not able to keep the initial terms of the mortgage. Lenders are able to create their own guidelines and these could include requiring a modified loan to be at least a certain number of months. You should talk to your lender about your modified loan and any affect you may have on your ability to qualify for refinancing.

How To Determine If You Need To Refinance Your Mortgage

The total of interest paid over the life of a mortgage can double or triple the original amount of the loan. The main reason for refinancing is to lower the interest rate and reduce the sum of interest billed over the life of the loan. If the current mortgage rates are lower than what you are paying now, you should consider refinancing


Evaluate if you have enough equity in your best home mortgage to qualify for refinancing. The house must be worth at least more than the mortgage balance. Twenty percent or more equity – impaired home mortgage value balance – is ideal. Equity of 5 to 20 percent will allow refinancing with mortgage insurance.

Look for current representative rates for best home mortgage. The websites of the major national banks will provide mortgage rates for your area. Find the rates for a 30-year fixed rate loan, a 15 year fixed rate loan and a 5/1-adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). For example, at the end of June 2011, Wells Fargo was quoting 4.5 percent for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, 3.625 percent for the 15-year fixed rate mortgage and 2.75 percent for a MRA. 5/1.

Calculate the monthly payments using the current rates and the balance of your mortgage using an online mortgage calculator such as that of Bankrate com (see Resources). Using the rates in Step 2 and a $ 200,000 mortgage balance, payments for all three types of mortgages are:

  • 30 years fixed: $ 1,023.38
  • 15 years fixed: $ 1,242.47
  • 5/1 ARM: $ 817,48

Compare your current principal and interest payment amount with payments at current rates to determine the monthly savings if you refinanced. For example, if you have a five-year period, from a 30-year mortgage to 6 percent, your current payment is about $ 1,290. Refinancing to a new 30-year fixed would save $ 277 a month and the 5/1 ARM would save over $ 470.

Estimate the closing costs for a new loan. The 2010 study of closing costs produced a national average of $ 3,700 for a new mortgage of $ 200,000 and the lowest state was $ 3,000. As an estimate of closing costs, use $ 4000 if your loan is less than $ 200,000 and 2 percent of the loan amount for larger loans.

Divide the estimated closing costs by the monthly payment savings to calculate the number of months to regain the closing costs. For the example used, $ 4,000 $ 277 divided by product 14 months for a fixed rate loan and nine months with the ARM 5/1. If you plan to keep the house longer than the calculated number of months, it makes sense to refinance your loan.

Tips & Warnings

The steps here are to determine if refinancing makes sense in your circumstances. The actual figures of a mortgage lender for payments and closing costs will determine the actual savings from refinancing.

Get payment and closing costs from the quotes of several lenders before giving a money lender and committing to a refinance.

Consider refinancing a 15-year mortgage if you currently have a longer term remaining on your mortgage and the 15 year payment is close to your current payment. Reducing your mortgage term from five to 10 years or more will save a large amount of money on the total cost of the mortgage.

If you have less than 20 percent equity in your best home mortgage, a new mortgage will require mortgage insurance, increased monthly payment and possibly reduce monthly refinancing savings.

The monthly payment on a 5/1 ARM is only defined for the first five years. Then, the payment can go up significantly if the short-term interest rates are higher at this time. Use only this type of loan to refinance if you understand what could happen to the payment after five years and you can afford a higher payment if rates do not increase.

Tinted Windows For Housing – Multiple Benefits – Window Tint and Film

Better thermal insulation, enhanced safety and refined aesthetics: window tinting Houston offer many advantages for a home. This solution, once reserved for businesses, is now accessible to individuals to bring more well-being in their home.

Sun protection by window tinting Houston

Window tinting Houston are an ideal solution to protect against sunlight and heat, and therefore improve the thermal insulation of a building. In addition, the UV filtering of the glazing treatment protects the goods against fading and deterioration, not to mention the benefits on your skin if you spend many hours behind a very bright glass!

More privacy thanks to the tinted windows

The glazing treatment also helps to hide from the outside looks and put your precious assets less prominent, an effective way to discourage thieves. There is a one-way glazing system that will give you perfect visibility from home, while presenting an opaque or reflective window from the outside.

Sun protection and aesthetics

To personalize your home, and match the walls and windows, there is a wide range of colors and patterns to use. The installation of a simple tinted sunscreen can beautify your home, and transform the light that enters the living rooms, to create a very pleasant living environment. Window tinting Houston now know how to combine efficiency and aesthetics!

Be sure to talk to a professional stained-glass film installer to transform your home into your idea! The Tainted Group will allow you to easily find a specialist near you.


When one is attached to one’s childhood memories, difficult to make decisions that can erase them. The owner of this land belonging to his grandmother had trouble imagining the denature during the construction of his house.

A delicate exercise entrusted to the Lyon architect Carole Guymon who, faithful to her client’s wishes, tends to keep this garden where she played as little as possible. We tried to preserve the plot to the south keeping as much vegetation as possible. And the valuation of the outside, the view of the garden from the house was paramount. An opening bias illustrated by these large windows and especially the transparency between the rooms that allow to see the garden from the front door. “The look goes through the kitchen to dive to the greenery.”

The retired couple no longer having children under their roof asks Carole Guymon to create large volumes for food items and to provide only two rooms. With 200 m2 of surface, the architect favors the space with beautiful heights under ceiling. Central point of the house in the heart of the project, the billiard room was imagined from the design stage, the other rooms revolving around. “My client attached great importance to his American billiards and wanted a room dedicated to him. With a choice determined in terms of color. The Red! Around the central volume are two wings, one with a desk and the other with the bedrooms.

Noble materials and minimalist decoration, the owners opt for a certain sobriety, a contemporary construction which is inspired by a personal history.


The owners wanted to have a kitchen isolated but could open on the living rooms. Like a room in the room, the kitchen area is delimited by stained wooden canopies stained in the mass. On the porcelain stoneware tiles floor tiles, a wooden table was made to measure by the carpenter.

Living room

On the ground an oak floor. A custom-designed bench with a window at eye level to admire the garden while sitting.


Wooden shutters made by the carpenter during the construction


Dangerous exercise for the architect who had the mission to dispose in the few square meters, a walk-in shower, a large basin, a bath and a toilet!


If the house is resolutely contemporary, the owners have made the choice to favor noble materials, teak wood joinery and Burgundy stone veneer that bring a touch of character

Personalized Mug For Valentine’s Day

A personalized mug is the perfect home gift for Valentine’s Day. Made easily thanks to our advice in videos, it makes a lot of effect for a small budget. With her, our darling (e) can start her day with a tea or a hot coffee of our delicate attention.

Before painting porcelain, degrease each support with an absorbent paper soaked in alcohol to burn. Be careful, the porcelain paint is not for food use , place the pattern at the bottom of the Personalised Coffee Cup  so that the mouth is not in contact with the paint. Once finished, your custom cup is dishwasher safe.


– Porcelain painter pen of Marabu size M at Cultura

– Mug of white porcelain, Cultura

– Burning alcohol, paper towel, cotton buds, pencil

Step 1: Once your Personalised Coffee Cup  is degreased with alcohol, shake your porcelain pen sharply, and press the mine onto a sheet of paper to ensure its effectiveness.

Step 2: Write the lyrics of your song following the lines

Step 3: Let it dry for 3 days.

  • Tip : In place of your favorite love song, you can copy or write a poem, dates and places of your important moments, or just a sweet little word.
  • The Tie & Dye Personalised Coffee Cup  with hearts
  • Material:
  • – Mug white porcelain Culture
  • – porcelain painting 150 turquoise, Culture
  • – Sponge Culture
  • – adhesive paper in hardware stores

– Methylated spirits, absorbent paper, cotton swabs, scalpel or cutter

Step 1: Draw hearts on the underside of the adhesive paper, cut them out and stick them on the bottom of the mug.

Step 2: Dip the sponge into the paint by removing the excess and putoise all around the cup from the bottom. The further you go, the less your sponge pad needs to be soaked with paint so that the color becomes clearer and lighter. Let dry and iron a layer on the bottom of the cup to accentuate the gradient. Peel off the stencil gently, and retouch if necessary with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

Tip : You can replace the heart pattern with a logo or acronym, such as that of his rock band or his favorite football team …

  • The Personalised Coffee Cup  with red hearts
  • Material  :
  • – red scarlet porcelain painting pébéo at Cultura .
  • – White porcelain Personalised Coffee Cup  Cultura
  • – Cultura sponges .
  • – Adhesive paper in DIY store

Burning alcohol, paper towel, cotton swabs, scalpel or cutter

Step 1: Draw hearts on the back of adhesive paper to create your stencil. Cut them with a scalpel and glue the stencil on the Personalised Coffee Cup .

Step 2: Dip the sponge into the red paint and putoise the surface to be painted. Peel off the stencil gently, and retouch if necessary with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.


Step 3: Let dry 24 hours and cook according to the manufacturer’s instructions, oven at 150 degrees for 35 minutes.

FHA Vs Conventional Loan – Home Mortgages

The answer to the question of what type of Home mortgages loan is best for you depends on your situation as a home buyer. Federal Housing Authority, FHA, loans and conventional loans have distinct advantages and disadvantages that make them more or less attractive. You must compare the advantages and disadvantages of each major loan category to decide which is best for you.

Conventional loan benefits

Many homeowners typically perceive conventional loans as better because they are “conventional”. Buyers who can afford the common 20 percent down payment and have good credit, usually use conventional loans because it often offers the best interest rates and loan terms. By putting 20 percent on the purchase of your home, you also build more equity upfront than you would by taking advantage of lower payment terms on FHA loans.

Disadvantages of classic borrowing

Some homebuyers may simply not afford the requirements of a conventional loan. Without a 20 percent down payment, you pose a greater risk to the lender and are not going to get the same rate and favorable terms. Conventional loans have also put more pressure on the typical borrower to track loan payments and avoid delinquency or foreclosure. You can buy private Home mortgages insurance to cover events that put you out of work, but this insurance can often be expensive.

FHA Benefits ready

Three main benefits of FHA loans sponsored by the government are: low down payments, low closing costs and easier credit qualifying, according to US Housing and Urban Development. These loans are meant to offer options for buyers who are not able to obtain conventional loans. You can often get an FHA loan for as little as 3.5 percent on the purchase. Credit requirements are less stringent, as well.

Disadvantages FHA ready

The biggest disadvantage of FHA financing is that it comes with a requirement that the borrower purchase mortgage insurance. This adds about 1.5 percent to your loan repayment, according to the mortgage website. You can potentially eliminate the need for Home mortgages insurance by strengthening equity in the home. However, this increase on your monthly mortgage repayment is a challenge for borrowers who are often squeezed by tight budgets.

Difference between FHA and conventional loans

Consumers are eligible for various types of mortgages based on their financial profile. People whose credit is established and who have a strong financial base are generally eligible for conventional mortgages. Those just starting in life with a little more debt than normal and a modest credit rating are generally eligible for mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

Conventional Mortgages

Conventional mortgages pose the greatest risk to lenders as they are not insured by the federal government. For this reason, lenders grant such mortgages to candidates with the strongest financial profiles. Conventional down payment requirements range from 3% to 20% depending on the mortgage product. Consumers typically have stellar credit reports with no significant flaws and credit scores of at least 680 to qualify for conventional mortgages. The interest rates on conventional loans vary depending on the amount of the down payment, the choice of the mortgage product by the consumer and the current market conditions.

FHA Mortgages

The main difference between the FHA and conventional loan requirements is that the federal government provides mortgages with higher standards to allow newcomers to realize the American dream of buying a home. FHA mortgage applicants do not need to have a stellar credit and can get loan approval with credit scores as low as 580, as long as they bring a 3.5% down payment to the table. fenced. Most lenders require FHA mortgage applicants to have credit scores between 620 and 640 for approval. FHA mortgage holders pay mortgage insurance for the life of the loan.

How To Install CAB And MSU Updates In Windows 10

If the upgrade installation still does not work, try the following troubleshooting steps that are specific to Windows 10 Creator Update .

1 / Check the compatibility of your computer

When download windows 10 iso launched its annual update in August 2016, many users reported the same problem, they were unable to update their systems to the latest version. This means that even if you were able to install Windows 10 on your PC, you will not be able to install the Birthday update or the Creator Update if your hardware is not compatible.

Click in the list below on the brand of your PC to determine if your system is compatible or not with the Creator Update upgrade:

  • Acer
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba

Also remember to update your device drivers by uploading them to the builders sites.

This is preferable to updates of the drivers offered via download windows 10 iso Update, because the drivers provided are generic and not necessarily the most up to date, plus it avoids having some BSOD (Blue Screen)

Finally disconnect all non-essential devices

2 / Note the indicated error

If you can note the error, here is a list of download windows 10 iso installation or update errors that may help specifically solve the problem. This publication will help IT administrators troubleshoot download windows 10 iso upgrade errors.


2d technology grappler Carmella loves a ordinary wwe instagram submit. And not honestly any post, for she additionally has an inclination to make sure she’s in minimal garb on an outstanding percent of her snap shots.

Now on the SmackDown emblem

, the Princess of Staten Island may be portrayed as a nefarious horrific girl who is best out for herself, however Carmella’s wwe instagram internet page functions nothing however smiles from the real-lifestyles distinct half of Colin Cassady. whether or not she’s working out, selling health products, getting as much as shenanigans as one 1/2 of “Baymella”, or in reality having a few down time with Cass, Carmella is glad to percentage her lifestyles together with her ever-increasing fanbase.

As for any hot-blooded guys who’ve were given their eye on Carmella, there’s masses to absorb on her wwe instagram net web page. The only trouble with this horny SmackDown celebrity is that any might-be suitors would possibly have to strategy to big Cass… and that’s sufficient to show any man S.A.W.F.T.


considered one of her tag lines is “if you’re going to do it, do it with flair”, and there’s a whole lot of humans reachable who’d love to do some thing with Charlotte.

For the most detail, this 3-time girls’s Champion has a bent to bombard her wwe instagram account with workout images, however that’s no longer to mention that she doesn’t display her softer aspect, too. In reality, some fanatics have taken exception to how The Queen is so keen to reveal her being pleasant pals with the likes of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley when her on-screen person has often been at war with the ones women. each manner, that is her non-public net web page and so she’s manifestly entitled to publish a few aspect she so chooses.

at the same time as all of the ladies on this list should probable kick the ass of many that are reading this, Charlotte is on a particular level. A robust, powerful presence in every possible way, the daughter of the legendary Nature Boy is carving out a legacy all of her non-public, and she is clearly doing it along with her personal specific brand of aptitude.

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Instance Sentences From Wikipedia That Use The Phrase Optik

There, he met Phiber optik tv on the go a.okay.a.

Hackers (movie)

Edmund Hoppe, Geschichte der Optik, Leipzig 1926)

digital camera lucida

In November 2012, Optik tv delivered the channel to their lineup.

GMA news television

In 1949, Swarovski Optik KG was founded with the aid of Wilhelm in Absam, Tyrol.

Daniel Swarovski

Kienzle Optik is the primary growth phase to be launched in the marketplace.

Kienzle Uhren

it’s miles available on Bell tv, Bell Fibe tv, Sasktel, Shaw Cable and Telus Optik television.

The Comedy community

incorporated with the receiver casting is a 1.5x telescopic sight made by Swarovski Optik.

Steyr AUG

In 2004, Specsavers acquired Swedish Blic Optik franchise from its owner top-quality Optik AB.


Telus Optik television announced they could deliver the Western model of Teletoon HD, which simulcasts the West Coast feed.


better regarded by means of his pseudonym Phiber Optik, he turned into once a member of the hacker companies Legion of Doom and Masters of Deception.

Mark Abene

some of the greater popular producers are Opti-good judgment employer, Bushnell, LaserTechnology, Trimble, Leica, Newcon Optik, Op.

Laser rangefinder

it is presently to be had on Bell satellite television, Bell Fibe television, EastLink, SaskTel Max, Optik tv, Rogers Cable, Shaw Cable and Videotron.

lots (television channel)

As of February 2011, Telus IPTV provider (Optik tv) is available in various groups throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

Telus tv

The Neues Sehen, also called New imaginative and prescient or Neue Optik, became a movement, not specifically restricted to images, which changed into advanced inside the Nineteen Twenties.

Neues Sehen

Bell tv offerings are also repackaged and resold via Telus as Telus satellite tv for pc television, in areas in which the latter business enterprise’s optik tv on the go IPTV offerings are unavailable.

Bell tv

additional service vendors covering whistler encompass Telus television (Optik IPTV carrier and Telus satellite tv for pc tv), Shaw Direct (satellite tv for pc), and Bell tv (satellite).


a few digital television vendors in Canada (typically IPTV services, inclusive of Bell Fibe television and Telus Optik) may additionally provide “The climate network iTV”, an app which permits users to view improved nearby forecasts.

The climate network

tremendous Channel is to be had on nearly all most important cable and satellite carriers along with Telus Optik television, Bell tv, Shaw Direct, access Communications, Cogeco, Rogers Cable, Shaw Cable, Eastlink and different carriers.

brilliant Channel (Canada)

in their absence, LOD largely fell into disarray inflicting the war of words and disillusionment that led Phiber Optik to align himself with MOD so that it will restore the direction of the spirit of underground hacking.

Masters of Deception

.: in advance of the law at the digital frontier,” Barlow wrote approximately his first-hand experience with Phiber Optik

John Perry Barlow

..”Rollei Produktion GmbH” in Braunschweig, an equipment manufacturing unit which have become “Franke & Heidecke GmbH, Feinmechanik und Optik”.


In 2015, Meyer Optik america Inc. launched a Kickstarter campaign to supply the Trioplan f2.nine/50, a brand new lens based on one at first produced.


..whether the device offers the favored replica (examples are given in A. Gleichen, “Lehrbuch der geometrischen Optik”, Leipzig and Berlin, 1902).

Hermann von Helmholtz

In a panel debate of the subsequent wish convention, 2010, Phiber optik tv on the go re-iterated that the rumoured “gang conflict in our on-line world” among LOD and MOD never befell, and that it was “a whole.

wonderful Hacker warfare

..on cable tv to Canadian clients in Southwestern British Columbia on numerous cable vendors consisting of TELUS optik tv on the go and Shaw Cable in Victoria, Vancouver, Penticton and Kelowna.


common accessories for telescopic sights are: In 1997 Swarovski Optik introduced the LRS series telescopic sight, the primary riflescope on the civilian market with an incorporated laser..

Telescopic sight

..”, “automated Jack”, “bill From RNOC”, “Lord digital”, “The Mentor”, “medical doctor Who”, “lifeless Lord”, “Zin Clepto”, “Phiber optik tv on the go who was a member of each LOD and Masters of Deception (MOD), and “Terminus”.

Legion of Doom (hacking)

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