The Guardian Angel is the character controlled by the player, who has bonded with Kalas. At the beginning of the game, the player chooses a ocean of gamesThe characters will regularly call on him to ask his opinion, which can influence his relationships with

Kalas is the hero of the game. He is driven by the desire for revenge for the murder of his grandfather and his brother Fee, committed by Giacomo and Ayme on the orders of Geldoblame. He uses the sword to fight. Unlike other humans, he has only one Wing of the heart – the other being replaced by a mechanical wing or “Mecanic wing” M 1 ocean of games which earned him insults, the other inhabitants finding that his heart was impure. He is doubled by Eric Kelso in the English version and by Kōsuke Toriumi in the Japanese version.

Xelha , recognized by all as malignant and persevering, always has faith in what she loves. She uses magic to fight. It is later discovered that she is the queen of Wazn and therefore contains the ocean in her.

Gibari is a fisherman from Nashira (village of Diadem), formerly commander of the armies of Diadem. He fights with paddles.

Lyude was part of one of the most recognized families of the Empire. Not having a fighting and domineering spirit like the rest of his country, he was exiled for having contradicted the Emperor Geldoblame, but in respect for his family, he was given the post of ambassador. He uses guns with the brass name to fight.

Savyna , a former member of the Special Forces of the Empire, she left her post, remorseful after a massacre she had perpetrated; a fight will pit him against the other heroes during the game. She uses her fists to fight ocean of games

Mizuti is one of the Children of the Earth, the ancient people who won the war against Malpercio. She is one of the last wizards to have the powers of her ancestors. She always wears a mask. She uses magic to fight.

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At the beginning of the game, the player appears in the form of a spirit to the hero of the game, Kalas, just before he faints, and binds himself spiritually to him. The player then becomes his Guardian Angel. Kalas wakes up in a field hospital in Sadal Suud ocean of games He is quickly joined by Xelha. Together, they unwittingly release the first of the five ultimate Magnus, which is quickly seized by Alfard’s Empire.

Both go and Lyude. They learn that the Empire is looking for the ultimate Magnus and that each of them contains a part of Malpercio’s body. Kalas, Xelha, Gibari and Lyude find the Magnus de Diadem, but the Empire steals them. download free ocean of games apk They then go to Anuénué to find the next ultimate Magnus. Once there, they face Geldoblame, and meet Savyna. They then find a new Magnus ultimate, they are again flying by the Empire. They go to Mira, where they meet Mizuti. Then they are arrested for the removal of Melodia, and lose their only ultimate Magnus.

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