Cor Hydræ is drawn from the energy of the five largest islands, which, deprived of it, can no longer levitate and fall back to Earth gta iv ocean of games The fall of the islands is stopped by the spirits of the Five Old Gods, who install them on huge stone piers, thus connecting them again to the Earth.

While a big celebration party is taking place in Anuénué, Xelha and Kalas leave quietly in the Moon Forest. This one reveals to Kalas that the Ocean was sealed in the Queens of Ice, therefore in her. She asks Kalas to help her free the ocean. The latter, reluctant at first, finally accept, when the spirit of Geldoblame returns. Kalas and Xelha defeat him with the final attack of the Guardian Angel, but the battle wears out Xelha’s last strength and she dies in Kalas’s arms.

In addition to the story, the gta iv ocean of games  offers side quests that earn Magnus. Generally they consist in bringing a certain Magnus whose Essence has been absorbed by means of a virgin Magnus to a person. Three of them are longer and will be solved as the game progresses.

In the Temple, where the player can make the change of level, the constellation guardian says that the vault of the room represents the Constellation Map, but these have disappeared. The player must find the 50 Magnus constellation that will restore the map of constellations and offers a reward for each Magnus found (in combat reward or treasure chests), and certain levels 6 .

In Perkhad, the capital of Sadal Suud, Quzman, an old man asks the player to reunite his whole family before his death. You must find each member of your family and have them sign the family tree. There are 31 in all, and they all wear a bracelet. This quest is, along with that of the Constellation Magnus, the longest of the gta iv ocean of games The player receives a Magnus for each line of family members found 7 .

The third “big” side quest, the shortest of the three is the one of the animals, which starts very late in the game. A resident of the Wazn Ice Castle asks the player to bring bring all the animals because she dreams of owning a collection animals. The player receives Magnus as he brings back animals 8 .

Guardian Angel [ edit | change the code ]

Baten Kaitos differs from other role plays in two main ways.

First, the player controls the characters, but he does not directly embody, as is usually the case, one of the characters in the game, but plays the role of a protector. He plays a Guardian Angel, closely related to the main character of the game, Kalas. His role is to guide the hero, and to give him a moral, a line of conduct. Following the advice of the player, the personality of Kalas is forged one way or another, and the more the relationship between the Guardian Angel and the character is good, the more the player has control over the character battlefield 4 ocean of games During combat, if the relationship is good enough, the Guardian Angel can allow Kalas to execute a very powerful special attack.

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