The job interview does not stop at the door of the company. Recruiters generally appreciate receiving a debriefing email after the interview. Our advice to avoid odd.

1 – Understand the 3 objectives of the thank-you mail

The purpose of this message is threefold. First, this message serves to thank your interlocutors for the richness of the exchanges during the job interview. Two, he reiterates your motivation for the position (this obviously assumes that he still interests you). Finally, this post-interview email keeps in touch with recruiters, especially those who have expressly stated that they do not want to be contacted by phone

2 – Reformulate the strong ideas of the job intervie

The best way to score points is to pick up items and the lexical field used during the interview. “The candidate must briefly rephrase the 2/3 strong ideas mentioned during the interview. The more personalized the mail, the more effective it will be with the recruiter . When you send me this type of message, I take the time to read it, “advises Wilhelm Laligant, managing director of Randstad Search & Selection.

3 – Mail post-interview: short but effective

No need for long speeches to be effective. 5/6 lines should be enough to summarize your motivation and demonstrate that you have integrated the needs of the company. The recruiter will appreciate your ability to adapt and assimilate new information. (In other words, unless you are sure of yourself, stick to what was put forward during the interview). Give one or two examples. Finally, we will never say it enough, read again and get reread several times to ban any spelling mistakes.

4 – When to send a thank you email to the recruiter

In general, “it is better to send this email about 48 hours after the interview, says Wilhelm Laligant. Before, it’s too hurried. This delay shows that the candidate has taken the time to reflect. “. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Imagine that you are summoned to another interview three days later. Do you still have to send a thank you email? “Yes, absolutely, you have to send a message the very evening of the first interview. The must is to make a proposal for action or idea, “advises Corinne Cabanes. Another scenario: the recruiter must contact you in 10 days to tell you if he or she is following up on your application. Do you have to wait before sending the mail post maintenance or not? “In this case, the right timing is to send an email the day of the interview or the next morning. Remember your strengths and, better yet, ask a question.The goal is to create a dialogue off the beaten track, “she insists.

5 – To whom to send your mail post-maintenance of debriefing?

You must send your email to the person (s) who received you in a list of jobs interview. Whether they are HR, operational or recruitment consultants, all interviewees must have the same level of information. A priori, at this stage of recruitment, you must have exchanged your details with those of the recruiter (s). If they did not wish to distribute them, you can send the message to HR, confirming your interest in the company and passing on your thanks to the recruiter (s) met.

Job Interview: A Successful Thank You Email Template

“This is a mail sent by a sales manager of a 58-year-old engineering group looking for an opportunity because he decided in agreement with his company of a conventional break that will take place in 5 months” says Corinne Cabanes, leader of the Toulouse recruitment firm eponymous. The strengths of the candidate: he masters the commercial direction and the international environments. The project of the candidate: take a General Management in a company on a human scale. The stakes are high because he has never held this position but he wans to make this career transition a true professional development, the high point of his career

The candidate’s post-interview thank you email:

Hello Mr. XX

Thank you for our interview and the relevance of our exchanges on August 9 in your offices.

I have noted that your need was, to succeed your development from a strong base in Germany, to add the skills of a Director General, recognized in the field of embedded systems and engineering.

This manager, real leader of men, will federate teams and support local officials.

Your goal of a double-digit result requires both the talent of a good business policy coupled with rigorous management.

My ever-evolving experience at XXX, the XXX leader in the sector, has given me a certain reputation in the military, aeronautical, railway or nuclear sector in the direction of teams, projects or, more recently, a subsidiary.

Our customers are today the same, but we can do even more tomorrow with the implementation of the bold strategy of your President.

Strongly motivated to join you, waiting for our next appointment on August 25 at 9:30.

Best regards.


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