Soon on the calendar on January 1. On this day, as you know, the New Year begins. New Year – the most favorite holiday. All of us on this day want to believe in a fairy tale. Even before the arrival of the New Year, New Year markets open up everywhere, lights are lit on Christmas trees, and the streets are decorated with illuminations. In each house, children and adults are preparing for his arrival. At midnight on December 31, with the last stroke of the clock, the New Year comes.

Since antiquity among all nations, the offensive of the New Year was considered a holiday, but not always this day fell on January 1.

In ancient Egypt, for example, the happy New Year was celebrated at the beginning of summer, during the flood of the Nile.

In ancient Greece, the beginning of the year was on the longest day of the year, June 22. And the Greeks led the chronology from the famous Olympic Games, which were arranged in honor of the legendary Hercules. For the first time, the calendar in which the year began on January 1 was introduced by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

In the middle Ages in England, the happy New Year was celebrated with the arrival of spring – March 1.

In France, during the Great French Revolution, the New Year was celebrated on September 22 – the day of the founding of the Republic.

In Russia, on New Year’s Eve, mummers of children and adults went home. Dressed in masks and animal skins, they sang, danced, sprinkled grain on the floor, wishing the owners a rich harvest. And celebrated the New Year at the beginning of autumn – September 1.

Only in 1700, Peter the Great suffered the celebration of the New Year on January 1, as was the custom in all European countries. The first day of New Year 1700 began with a parade on Red Square in Moscow. And in the evening the sky was lit up with bright lights of festive fireworks.

Few know that the custom of giving Christmas gifts came to us from ancient Rome. It is said that the first gifts were branches of laurel, which foreshadowed happiness and good luck in the coming year. “I wish you a favorable and happy New Year,” wrote the Romans on New Year’s gifts, sometimes adding humorous poems, because the New Year is a happy holiday.

And nowadays they celebrate the New Year in different ways.

Let’s go for a start on the snowy expanses of the North, to our neighbors.

She is dressed in a white dress, wearing a crown with lighted candles on her head. Lucia brings gifts to children and pet treats: to a cat – cream, to a dog – sugar bone, to a donkey – carrot.

On a festive night, the houses do not turn off the light, the streets are brightly lit.

In snow-covered Finland, the main winter holiday is Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25th. On Christmas night, having overcome the long road from Lapland, Santa Claus arrives at home, leaving a large basket with gifts for the joy of the children.

New Year is a kind of Christmas recurrence. Again, the whole family gathers at the table full of various treats. On New Year’s Eve, the Finns are trying to find out their future and wondering, melting the wax and then pouring it into cold water.

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