Currently, many people are used to listening to music while working . At work, in front of the computer with headphones on the ears or at home, some admit even sometimes not being able to do without, the need to listen to a “noise” background. Even students who review their lessons have earphones in their ear.

The question then arises: does music promote concentration and productivity, or is it the opposite that occurs?

A priori, it is like in many other fields, it is a simple question of dosage according to the scientists.

On one side yes, on the other

Without question, this is the most obvious answer to the question asked before. Yes, listening to music while working is a good idea. Why ? In the first place, it is a way of avoiding the boredom generated by machine noises and the din of other workers. Hearing a good melody or a beautiful song also promotes concentration and provides motivation, good mood and energy. One can also note the benefits of the music used in particular the therapies based on the music or the song .

We can say that music optimizes productivity. Numerous scientific studies have also shown that you can easily fight stress and fatigue by listening to music . So, it is very advisable when the task is too monotonous. This allows you to isolate yourself in a familiar environment.

Of course, there is a “but” because there are obviously the disadvantages of the benefits. To have helmets on the ears means to shut oneself up and to ignore all its collaborators. But that’s not a good idea. Sometimes, hearing what others have to say is still necessary. This can increase your knowledge and general knowledge. Moreover, in the office, one can approach topics of very varied conversations. In addition, paying attention to others is knowing how to live in society. In short, isolating oneself can be misinterpreted and be a sign of non-integration.

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The best compromise

The best solution is to limit the listening time. Indeed, it is inadvisable to isolate yourself completely from others. It’s counterproductive. It must still air the mind with a good melody from time to time. The ideal is to agree 15 minutes of relaxation in music between two tasks, just to relax and relax. In addition, be aware that wearing a helmet all day long can cause ear disorders. It is therefore necessary to avoid listening at a volume too high, which can further hamper the tranquility of other people around.

The kind of music to listen to

Obviously, do not listen to any music. Indeed, it is essential to choose each title that will compose the playlist. You will say that music is a matter of taste. But opt ​​for a music band that plays metal while we are creating a balance sheet is not very wise :-). This kind of task requires a little calm because it requires a lot of thought.

You should also know that certain types of music provide more benefits. This is the case of classical pieces performed by a symphony orchestra. It is even advisable to opt for soft music played with a single piano or a guitar. In other words, it must be something soothing. A study published in the Journal of Music Therapy has shown that too fast music can also increase heart rate and blood pressure. So, instead of calming you down, it just gives you more stress.

It all depends on its own nature

Perhaps the best of all is that there are no good or bad practices. In other words, listening to music while working can be a real driver for some, while for others, it’s totally counterproductive. This is also what can be observed in some “open space” where the expectations of each are different.

So you have to adapt to your environment but also to your own person.

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