Penis enlargement procedures are techniques that aim to make the penis longer or bigger. There are a variety of procedures.

The main types of procedures for enlarging the penis are: the use of hands or an assortment of devices to pull or stretch the penis from the surface with the hope that the result will be permanent; surgery to change the anatomy; surgery to implant a device to produce enlargement; and the use of pills, creams, ointments and other chemical or natural products.


Penis enlargement is an extremely controversial subject. Opinions vary widely. Misinformation is widespread. And this subject is ruthlessly altered continually.

However, this topic has been of great interest for all times and there is a large amount of scientific evidence in the public domain, both for and against most of the methods that have been tried, some of which are mentioned here. -Dessous.

This article is a good starting point for men curious about enlarging one’s penis but anyone who is considering actually doing something to their genitals should make efforts.


They need to ask a lot of questions about the subject, look carefully at the penis enlargement method that is being considered for use, check the sources of the so-called ‘facts’, read the information carefully and avoid being gullible. , especially on ” male enhancement procedures ” among junk mail and advertisements.

The results of trying to enlarge a penis can be disastrous both physically and financially. Rectification can be difficult, expensive or impossible. Penis enlargement is not a small affair.

How is it possible to enlarge the penis?

How is it possible to enlarge the penis?It is not yet fully understood what determines the size of your penis, however, in recent years, we have made incredible progress in identifying the main factors that can contribute to the growth of your so-beloved organ. Let’s focus first on dispelling some of those rumors you know that are floating in your head right now …

The stories of old women

The following old women’s tales are very commonly believed, but are sometimes very illogical and almost always wrong. A good rule of thumb – do you really believe that any product will enlarge your penis by 5 inches in 2 weeks? The more the promotion of a product is exaggerated, the more likely it is a scam.

This method is extremely dangerous! Please do not use weights to try to enlarge your penis. You will have no more and you could end up with serious problems. Weights are myths in an enlargement multivitamin for men work .. Many men have suffered irreparable damage because of this method. Ask yourself, if you really want to hang weights on your penis?

Surgery to enlarge penis

Surgery to enlarge the penis can be an extremely dangerous and disfiguring operation! The potential risks and side effects of a poorly executed operation far outweigh the potential gains you can get. Some of the most commonly reported side effects are: penile deformity; erectile dysfunction; and problems with the prostate.

Enlarge the penis with masturbation

No, you will not increase the size of your penis with masturbation. Life is not that easy! Although some of the penis enlargement exercises can be very enjoyable.

How does the natural enlargement of the penis occur?

So, how does the penis enlarge naturally? The answer to this question is quite easy to understand. But first you need to learn a little bit about penis anatomy, so you can find out what needs to happen for the penis to increase in size and circumference.

Know the cavernous body of the penis:

the cavernous body of the penisTwo parallel organs of erectile tissue, which form the greater part of the body of the penis. They become engorged with blood, leading to erection, leading to erection. The cavernous body in the penis is similar in the construction of interstitial cells in the underwater life called ‘tubular sponge’.

The repeated stretching of the interstitial cells in a living sponge will cause its absorption pores to expand and heal in this expanded state to accommodate the minute tearing of the cell walls of the pores, making the cells interstitial bigger and more able to absorb more water and nutrients. So, we know that it is possible to expand using stretching movements. The cavernous body in the penis is responsible for the size it has.


When an erection occurs, the cavernous body extends to its maximum size. So, being a living tissue, it even responds in the manner of a tubular sponge, therefore, stretching and continuous healing should cause the inflatable blood spaces to increase their ability to absorb more blood, such as sponge done with water, and thus increase the actual size of the erectile tissue.

Methods to enlarge the penis like penile exercises and devices like the penis extender using the principle of extension where a frequent and repetitive stretching of the cavernous body will stimulate the growth of the penis offering more space for one’s blood. accumulate and store during your erection.

Penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement creams do the same thing, but in the opposite direction. They provide your penis, ingredients that promote blood flow in the cavernous body and with the weather that has increased, the blood flow will put pressure on the tissue to expand.

Increase Your Penis Size Naturally and Without Difficulty!

There are many techniques for penis enlargement mentioned on the net and other networks but do you want to know which technique of all actually works? Indeed, some of these techniques are really done while others do not.

Studies have shown that the best of all is all-natural penis enlargement pills, which includes the proper combination of medicinal plants. These pills have the ability to produce bigger penises, harder erections, stronger ejaculations as well as increased sexual stamina!

So what is the best technique to enlarge your penis naturally without effort?

The pills to enlarge the penis are the best. But beyond these penis enlargement pills (including natural ones), there are numerous penis enlargement strategies available; some even free. The only way to ensure which method produces the best results, is to address the other most common options available that can increase penis size, one by one.

How about the FREE method of penis enlargement exercises?

FREE method to enlarge the penisThese are a good option available for penis enlargement as it is safe and of course, free. The magic of these exercises is that they stretch and stretch your penis using your hand for an extended period and the exercises can go jelq, kegel and others.

To a certain extent, exercises to enlarge the penis are very popular especially among men who can faithfully engage in these exercises regularly, if not daily. Generally, however, you become bored by doing these penis exercises and not sticking to the program long enough to generate more concrete results. However, when you become too lazy or in too much of a hurry, you may be able to skip warm-up and cool-down exercises and, ultimately, damage your penis!

But what is good is never free.

So, that means we end up with the most popular and effective supreme choice for increasing the penis – pills to enlarge the natural penis.

Here are their facts and findings: The natural pills used for penis augmentation include medicinal formulas that help stimulate the body to reach puberty again. Puberty is when the penis is surimised to a strong growth in length and width, by making it work this method naturally with the body of chemistry.

These pills produce good results but they are not free. You will be amazed by the excellent results that these pills produce despite their high price, compared to other tools or equipment used to enlarge penises.

Around 30 days of supplies are all you need to start seeing real results. You should not also take these pills forever as this only requires a single purchase well enough to give you permanent results.

So, pills to enlarge the natural penis are preferably cheap, safe and easy to apply. They really work as long as you get them from a company or manufacturer that has a good and honest reputation. On the yellow button, we recommend the most effective brands. Follow the links and you will not be fooled by fake ads.

Breaking the truth of pills to enlarge the natural penis …

There are free exercises, penis extender and chemical counterpart medications that can help you get hard and longer erections, but they do not usually give you the added benefits that you get pills to enlarge the natural penis as a better mood and endurance as well as better ejaculations. Warning ! In addition, these penis prescription drugs also have common side effects.

pills to enlarge the natural penisYou can use pills to enlarge the natural penis without any hesitation of side effects. It is even guaranteed that legitimate ones will walk on you. So, you know exactly how these natural pills make your penis grow with harder erections .

There are 2 things that the male body basically needs – nitric oxide and testosterone.

The body naturally produces nitric oxide and this nitric oxide function by controlling both expansion and contractions of the blood vessels of the body (of the body). This is the main factor for getting harder erections by supporting blood flow to the penile blood vessels. As a male person grows up, his nitric oxide levels begin to drop, which can be happily corrected by herbal supplements like arginine.


Besides increasing your nitric oxide levels, you should also increase your testosterone levels for a bigger and stronger penis. A number of natural herbs and other minerals can help you achieve it.

Zinc is one of the best of all minerals that can help your body produce enough testosterone. Did you know that Zinc can also increase the sperm count which stimulates a better ejaculation possible.

Other healthy methods like a proper diet also promote better blood flow to the penis or your pelvic area for better size and performance.

So, you now know the exact answers for the question that still remains relevant “Do penis enlargement pills work? ” These natural penis enlargement pills are safe, cheap and effective.

In addition, they are also much easier to use compared to penis exercises and other methods that require time and a lot of effort.

Check out today all the natural penis enlargement pills we recommend in the button below and start feeling very ravishing with bigger, harder and better-performing erections right now! You would be glad to have tried it.