Here, the main challenge is to divert attention. I see you coming right away, no need to shout, we do not talk about this kind of diversion! It is a fact, an overweight person will attract, if the clothes she is wearing are not properly cut, attention to her stomach. It is then necessary to do everything to avoid this. The best is then to divert attention to the shoulder line and the face. the tipsto achieve this will be almost the same as for the previous morphology, with a few exceptions. The first thing to watch is the length of pants. It will be imperative that the latter make believe that the legs are longer than it seems. In parallel, the jacket should be shorter than for a person of average size so as not to break this dynamic of long legs. It will have to cover the buttocks. At the level of its cut, the arched cut is obviously to be avoided. It will then turn to a straight cut, very slightly supported to be consistent with current trends.

Ok Jamy, but what am I doing?

For a while, some uninformed people did not advise people who were overweight to wear a cross mens wedding suits. Which was not so illogical in the sense that the latter draws the eye directly on its singularity. Be aware that, as long as the mens wedding suits is well cut, a man can quite wear a crusader, it is even recommended because it will irreparably attract the look up the torso. At the level of the backs, the most adapted will necessarily be those with points because they will accentuate more this feeling of verticality of the outfit. They will be preferred – very – wide to keep a nice homogeneity on the whole outfit. In addition to the crossover suit, a simple suit with a two-button straight jacket will also be ideal for this type of morphology.

Great and end

“The big pole. Asparagus. The cotton swab, etc. When one is grown up (and I know what I am talking about), a whole bunch of nicknames, all more ridiculous than the others, are allotted to us. So the goal is to break that image and look smaller than we are, or at least not look much bigger than the average. Several devices are then possible. And everything starts obviously by the shoulders. Cornerstone of the choice of a suit (as we explained in the previous mens wedding suits Monday), we recommend the so-called Neapolitan shoulders (without padding) so as not to further enlarge the silhouette. a padding is obviously allowed but it will be careful to choose slightly less full than usual. This is the case for example for a tall and very thin man, giving it a larger size.

Again, the crossed mens wedding suits can come to save the bet. Indeed, it breaks the natural verticality of the silhouette. Beyond the “double-breasted”, all other types will be suitable for a tall person, as long as all the elements constituting the jacket are placed in the right place. Thus, we will get the first button of the jacket (this is for example what I had done for my suit Blanding & Delloye) to keep a certain harmony. The big men and anorexics ends can afford relatively narrow setbacks. However, be careful not to choose too thin at the risk of appearing as skeletal. As for pants, it is strictly forbidden to wear it down. Basic, a mens wedding suits pants is worn at the natural waist. Wearing it too low would completely break the figure, giving a bust disproportionate to the legs. The jacket must also have a suitable length. Thus, a jacket too short is strongly discouraged for a person of great size because again, it will unbalance the silhouette. Patterns, like tiles for example, are also an excellent subterfuge to break a slender physique. Finally, mismatched costumes with strong contrast are strongly recommended for men of large sizes.

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