When it comes to finding a job, you will need to bring together three elements: a good professional network, a flawless resume and very good interview skills. Unfortunately, whatever the job of your dreams is, you will not be alone in applying. Dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other candidates also hope to get the same place.

How to distinguish yourself in the middle of the crowd? Find a way to add a little humor. Easier to say than done, right? Try these tips and you’ll be on the right track.

Step one: Work your network

Getting in touch is a crucial step in jobs alert. It is important to get in touch with people who might hire you or recommend you. It will now use your humor to remember you well after this first contact.

  1. Present a good business card

Include your photo or a good quote. Or try to find a creative way to match the design of your business card with the one of the business where you want to be engaged.

  1. Create an eye catching job title

There are thousands of job seekers. But you can make sure that you are remembered as the one and only. Bring out your personality and try a spiritual title for your future jobs alert.

  1. Ask questions that provoke reflection

After the obligatory “What are you doing? And “What do you like about your job? Ask questions that will maintain the interest of the conversation for you and your interlocutor. My favorite: “Tell me one thing you are the only one in the room to have done”.

  1. Give yourself a personal challenge

There is no doubt that networking is scary. So challenge yourself to do something before leaving your meeting. Do not leave the event until you reach this goal; for example, talking to 5 people or getting a number of business cards.

  1. Improvise

The conversation is boring? Improvise to make sure you focus on your interlocutor. For example, the first letter of the word you are going to say must be the same as the first letter of the last word it uttered.

Second step: Optimize the 30 seconds of reading your CV

Your resume is your main asset for getting the job interview, however, your future employer will only spend 30 seconds reading it – or less. Here’s how to use humor so that these 30 seconds are memorable.

  1. Start with an inspiration worthy of a novel

Before tweaking your resume, you have to find inspiration. Listen to music to motivate you to create the most epic resume possible.

  1. Add special talents

You’re past experiences and training are important assets, but you can add some by including your social skills. Make sure to highlight your sense of humor in the section on your particular skills.

  1. Think about the design of your CV

Incorporate pleasing aesthetic elements, such as images or colors to highlight your skills and expertise. You could also create an infographic resume.

  1. Add personal experiences

Include a personal achievement at the end of your resume. Did you run the marathon? Have you successfully raised children? Or did you drink three milkshakes the same day?

Third step: Get out of the way during the interview

One of the final steps to getting the job is the interview. It’s time to show your future employer why you are the perfect person for this job. Here is how to use humor to show that you are someone with whom he will want to work.

  1. Do you sell?

Before your interview, spend time with a friend or family member who will remind you how awesome you are. You will come to the interview with your self-esteem at the top and you will show the best of yourself.

  1. be a superhero

Your body language can work miracles and transform the way people perceive and perceive you. Take a position of power before the interview to boost your confidence.

  1. Talk about your personal experience

In addition to giving examples of your professional life, add stories about challenges or problems that you have overcome in your personal life.

  1. Ask questions about the mood

Check if the business is really the place where you want to work. Ask your future employer what was his last laugh at work so he could evaluate the mood of the box.

  1. Continue with humor

When following up on the interview, include a link with something funny that reminds you of the person who interviewed you or the company. Make sure it is a positive humor and not bad taste, it could be wrong.

Distinguish yourself from others, have fun and use humor, you will get the job of your

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