Find all our information on real estate rates for your credit. Before you take out a home loan , check current credit rates, trends and outlooks in the months to come. How are the banks behaving now? What do mortgage broker in Texas say? The interest rate of your loan is one of the most important elements that determine the cost of your financing. It is therefore important to get the best rate for your home loan .

Every month we publish news of interest rates for a home, apartment or work purchase. As soon as interesting studies are published on real estate loans, we also publish summaries to present you with all the essential information to remember for your financing. This monitoring of the evolution of the current real estate rate is completed by numerous articles of advice and examples of calculations to succeed your real estate financing.

Property rate in May 2018

All about mortgage rates in May 2018: the latest figures on April home loans, the average rates and best rates given by mortgage broker in Texas in May 2018, tips for your borrower insurance rate and a trend for the evolution of real estate rates in 2018.

What is the best bank for your mortgage?

Is it La Poste, Credit Agricole or Boursorama the bank that offers the best rate for your mortgage? Find out how to choose the best bank to finance your real estate purchase with less fees or buy back your credits. The calculation of the real estate rate depends on the financial markets, their forecasts according to the region, the duration of the loan (most often 10, 15, 20 or 25 years) for all the big banks.

15 tips to get a better mortgage rate

What can you do to get a better mortgage rate? We offer you 15 tips to respect to put all the chances of your side to obtain the best mortgage and this whatever the current conditions of financing. By looking after your borrower file you will be more interested in banks and brokers. You can then negotiate better terms than other borrowers and reduce the cost of your home purchase project.

Rate of mortgage borrowing in April 2018

Trends and forecasts on mortgage rates in April 2018 with tips to get the best possible rate for your financing and advice not to overlook the other important elements of your mortgage (guarantees and borrower insurance rates, fees guarantees, processing fees, modularity, prepayment allowances, etc.).

Real Estate mortgage broker in Texas: the assurance of getting the best loan rate?

Do you go through a mortgage broker to ensure you get the best real estate rate on the market? How much do brokerage fees cost for a home loan? This is what we will discover because nearly a quarter of borrowers in US use a mortgage broker in Texas to finance their purchase of housing.

Do I have to repay my loan early?

Making an early repayment on a home loan can save you a lot of money. Do you have to use your savings to repay your credit faster? Find out how to answer this question simply.

Real estate credit over 30 years: a real financial suicide

Making a home loan over 30 years can drive a borrower into financial difficulties. In addition to high interest rates for 30-year loans, this creates huge interest, many additional insurance costs and puts the borrower’s finances at great risk for many, many years. Here’s why you should never take out a 30-year real estate credit!

Rate of a mortgage insurance

The price of a borrower insurance is often calculated from a rate compared to the initial amount of your mortgage. This rate will be different from one insurance to another depending on your personal situation (age, health, etc.). Find out how to calculate the cost of your insurance based on the rate of your home loan insurance and how to reduce these costs. It is often possible to negotiate much cheaper borrower insurance than that offered by the bank that lends you the money.

At every age his mortgage

Is there an age limit for obtaining a mortgage? How to borrow when you are young? And when we are 50 years old or older? Everything about the mortgage loan according to the age: the possibilities, the difficulties, the variations of cost, etc.

Calculate and understand the depreciation schedule for a home loan

The maturities of a home loan are shown in the depreciation schedule. Discover a simulation tool for calculating the depreciation schedule for your credit as well as advice on this information.

Loan interest is greater at the beginning of the loan

When repaying a mortgage, these are the first years when you pay the most interest. Here’s how to use this to reduce the cost of your loan interest and avoid paying too much for the money you have borrowed.

The buyout of real estate loan keeps the rating in 2017 and in 2018

The mortgage repurchase has never been more interesting than between 2016 and 2018. Borrowing rates beat records. Take the opportunity to earn money easily by getting a new interest rate much lower for your home loan! Also discover all the choices you can make (redemption by another bank or renegotiation, decrease in the term or monthly payments, early or middle of refund, etc.).

How much can I borrow to finance my real estate purchase?

Here’s how to calculate the amount you can borrow for a home loan with our calculator and its free simulation possibilities. Your borrowing capacity will depend on different parameters of your project and your financial situation (income, expenses, etc.) as well as the type of purchase project. We will make a point on the case of a mortgage for a rental investment.

Mortgage rate in March 2018

Analysis of the evolution of mortgage rates in March 2018 with a trend forecast for 2018 and calculation of the potential impact on your budget for a real estate purchase.

Evolution of mortgage rates

How have mortgage rates changed since 1991. That’s what we’re going to study today. You will see that loan rates have not always been as low as they are now. Find the history of interest rates for a mortgage over the last 20 years.

Renegotiating your mortgage without changing banks

The average property rate has fallen sharply in recent months and the best credit rates are even lower. Why not take the opportunity to renegotiate your credit with your bank? It is possible to negotiate better terms of repayment for your outstanding capital and thus reduce your duration or your monthly payment quite easily. Find out everything you need to know about real estate renegotiation with your bank.

How to calculate your budget to buy a property?

How to set your budget to buy a house? Let’s make a complete point on the use of a part of your savings, purchase aids to which you can claim, the possibilities offered by a mortgage, etc. The calculation of his budget deserves some time of reflection in order to make the right choices for his purchase of house or apartment.

Fees for a home loan

How much does the processing fee of a home loan cost? How to negotiate them? Find out all about the credit fees, negotiation and comparison.

How is the APR of your home loan calculated?

Understand everything about the calculation of the TEG (Global Effective Rate) of a home loan: details of the calculation for each component of your financing, explanations according to the different cases, examples and online calculator of the TEG.

Real estate credit rate in February 2018: a last drop?

Mortgage rates are still down in February 2018, but some indicators point to rising rates in the weeks and months ahead. All about property rates in February 2018 and trends.

Buying home loans: the pitfalls to avoid

The repurchase of a mortgage does not have to be done without some precautions. There are some pitfalls that are best avoided when you buy back your mortgage. It’s not just the mortgage rates you have to look for to make a good loan buy.

Cost of a home loan repurchase: prepayment fees, etc.

Calculation of the cost of a real estate loan redemption: prepayment fees, application fees, cost of guarantees. Know before a home loan repurchase to know if the money gains on the loan change are interesting enough to exceed these fees.

To be able to modify the monthly payments of his mortgage thanks to the modularity

Having a good interest rate for your home loan is not everything, being able to easily change its monthly repayment is a big plus. Discover all about the modularity of a home loan and how to use it to tailor your repayments to changes in your life.

Calculation of the cost of a mortgage

How much does a real estate loan cost? This is what we will study by listing all the costs related to real estate financing (interest, insurance, guarantees, fees, etc.) We will see that the cost of interest is accompanied by a lot of significant additional costs. . There is not only the real estate rate to watch, but several key elements of your mortgage.

Real estate rate in January 2018: further decline

Find out about the current mortgage rates in January 2018 with trends in real estate rates for 2018 and advice on your real estate financing.

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