Low- and moderate-income households in rural America often find it difficult to finance a home. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is planning a loan program that helps people in this situation. The USDA Rural Development Loan Program lends directly to homeowners, but also guarantees loans from other banks for homeowners in rural areas. Many homeowners often use this program to buy a home, and then refinance the best mortgage companies in Texas later using the same rural development program or loan program from another lender.

Prepayment of penalty

The USDA Rural Development Loan Program does not require prepayment penalties. The landlord can refinance or repay a rural development loan, at any time and only owe the principal balance and unpaid interest. Even though the loan is secured by the Rural Development Loan Program but funded by another lender, the lender may not require a prepayment penalty.

Income limitations

If an owner decides to refinance into another rural development loan program, he must meet all the qualifications of the program, including the eligibility of income. The USDA has designed rural development loans specifically to help low-income and moderate-income households. These loans are not designed to help people who are above average. For example, a four-person household with two children living in Kit Carson County, Colorado, can only make $ 45,100 a year to qualify for a direct loan from the USDA Rural Development Program. The same household can make up to $ 74,050 to qualify for a loan made by a bank, but guaranteed by the rural development program. If the owners qualified when they bought the house, but have received an increase in income since then, they can not qualify for refinancing under this program. However, they may qualify for refinancing under another lender’s program, such as an FHA-insured best mortgage companies in Texas. These income limits vary according to the county where the family lives.

Rate and duration Refinancing

Homeowners who currently have rural development loans can refinance their loans with the help of a refinancing rate and term program. The program and the term refinancing rate does not change the loan terms, the interest rate or a combination of both. Rural development loans are still 30 years Loans the program does not offer 10, 15 or 20 years loans. If an owner wants to refinance into a short-term loan, he has to refinance into a different loan program. If he refinance in another rural development mortgage, then he must have a 30-year mortgage and can not receive funds at closing.

Cash-Out Refinancing

Rural development loans do not offer cash-out refinancing options. To get a cash-out refinance, an owner must contact another lender and refinance under a different program. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae provide all refinance cash-out loans. These loans allow homeowners to borrow equity in their homes and use the money for virtually any reason they choose.

Is it possible to refinance a loan fha after making a loan modification?


Changing your FHA loan does not prevent you from refinancing the loan in the future. FHA loans do not require prepayment penalties even after modification. In most cases, a modified loan provides excellent value for the homeowner. The new payment on the modified loan cannot exceed 31 percent of the gross monthly income of the borrower. The owner must carefully consider the costs and consequences before refinancing an amended FHA loan.


Most homeowners who received a modification were approved because they were in the foreclosure process or were in a position where they were at risk of foreclosure. For many, this means that their credit report shows at least one or more mortgages 30 days late. Many mortgage lenders will not provide new loan assistance to anyone who has a 30 day or later mortgage in the past 12 or even 24 months. For some, the change came on time to prevent the 30-day mortgage from being late so that cannot be a problem.

Time since Modification

The credit report shows the loan as modified. Some lenders deal with modified loans differently than they do regular loans. Lenders know that you were not able to keep the initial terms of the mortgage. Lenders are able to create their own guidelines and these could include requiring a modified loan to be at least a certain number of months. You should talk to your lender about your modified loan and any affect you may have on your ability to qualify for refinancing.

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