Flowers in a hat box

flowers are a favorite gift from beautiful ladies. But giving ordinary flower bouquets is so trite. In the modern world there are many new trends in the creation of original bouquets, an important component of which is an unusual packaging. Flowers in a hat box have become a boom in floral design due to originality, elegance and convenience for the person presented.

This trend appeared in the UK, and then spread throughout the world. The British, using a hat box a second time under the flowers, created a fresh idea for a flower gift. Other florists picked up this idea and began to complement the boxes with various accessories, jewels, sweets and other interesting items.

Bouquets in hat boxes are not only beautiful in appearance, but also light in execution. But how to collect such a bouquet? First you need to choose the shape of the hat box, then pick up the next flowers by post and prepare the tools and materials, then collect the bouquet and place it in the box, adding to the selected gifts when available.

Types of hat boxes under flowers
Before you start assembling a bouquet, you must select a hat box.

  • There are the following types of boxes.
  • Square.
  • Box-box.
  • Round tube.
  • Low round.
  • Rectangular.
  • Trapezoidal.
  • Hexagonal.
  • All boxes differ in height, but their main feature is that they can be covered with a lid and hide the floral gift inside.

The compositions inside the box are made not only from flowers. These may include:

cookies (use not friable types, for example, macaroni);
painted gingerbread;
small gifts;
jewelry, among which are popular wedding rings.
The traditional type of hat box is a tall tube . It is convenient to arrange flowers in such a box, but it is impossible to hide an additional gift. This can be done only by completing the box in the form of a box, in the lower part of which there will be a pull-out drawer. A gift box of chocolates, jewelry and small handmade items are put in the box of the box-box.

If the box-box has a square or rectangular shape, then a nicely decorated box of chocolates or cookies can be put inside such a box. To do this, create special notches that frame the fabric. In these notches and put a variety of gift items.

By selecting the type of hat box, you can begin to assemble the bouquet.

Bouquet assembly features
Before you start assembling a bouquet, you need to choose how the flowers will be arranged in the box and from what natural flowers the bouquet will consist.

The ways of arranging flowers in a hat box are as follows:

In a plastic film filled with water.
In the floral sponge.
The arrangement in a plastic film reduces the price of a bouquet, but the flowers in it cost less in time than in a sponge. The bouquet is assembled in a spiral.

The most optimal use is not plastic film, but a special floral sponge – an oasis. The sponge-oasis is filled with water with a special solution that increases the lifetime of the flowers.

The sponge is placed in the package insert. When the flowers in the box wither, they can be thrown away with a sponge and a package, and the box saved for future use.

The flowers in the sponge are arranged either in a geometric or random order, it all depends on the desire and imagination of the master. The master florist creates flower arrangements in a box in the form of mono or mix bouquets .
When preparing mono-bouquets, the following flowers are most often used:

  • dahlias;
  • hydrangeas;
  • callas;
  • irises;
  • daffodils;
  • roses;
  • daisies;
  • tulips;
  • chrysanthemums.
  • Flowers of one color or some shades look winning. It can be both pastel and bright colors.

Mixbooks allow you to combine various colors with each other, creating a variety of compositions in hat boxes. Examples of mix and mono bouquets are presented in the photo.

By choosing the type of bouquet and flowers for him, a novice florist can begin to assemble a flower arrangement. To properly assemble a flower hat box, you can use a master class or video instructions.

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