Care for flowers in a hat box

As with any other flowers, a flower box received as a gift would like the bouquet to stand for a long time.

This is not difficult to achieve if you observe the following rules:

You can not keep a bouquet in a hat box in direct sunlight;
You can not put a box with flowers next to the window in the mode of ventilation (otherwise the flowers will fade);
Do not pull the sainsburys flowers out of the sponge. If you pull out the flowers and then put them back, the sponge will stop giving these plants additional moisture, and they will quickly wither;
It is necessary to spray flowers once in two days;
Water the flowers once a day, a little (using a small syringe). Soak up the excess moisture on the sponge with a napkin so that the plants do not start to rot;
It is necessary to remove the fallen leaves so that they do not provoke the decay of the entire bouquet.
Flowers in a hat box will freshen up the interior of the apartment for a long time, if you look after them properly.
In order for the composition to stand well in the box and not fall out from under the bottom, you need to make sure that the box is made of thick cardboard and has no flaws inside.
Getting to the assembly. The assembly is carried out according to the instructions (focusing on the photo).

In the tank we mix water and a special solution;
We lower the sponge-oasis into the container. As soon as the sponge sinks to the bottom, it can be removed. In no case can not press on the sponge to plunge faster;
Take a floral sponge and prune it to fit the size of the box;
The sponge filled with water is placed in a plastic wrap so that moisture does not touch the box;
We take flowers and cut the stem to the height of the hat box, remove unnecessary leaves on the stems;
We put flowers in a sponge-oasis. Flowers are close to each other. Between flowers we put various herbs;
We decorate the box with ribbon.
Using this instruction, you can create a small box with a gift. To do this, a partition is made inside the box, the walls of which are wrapped with cloth and the gift is placed behind a sponge with flowers.

Use the video instructions for creating bouquets in a hat box.
Master Class
To assemble a bouquet in a hat box you will need the following materials

  • and tools:
  • water;
  • water tank;
  • tape;
  • scissors;
  • polyethylene film;
  • special solution for flowers;
  • floristic sponge-oasis;
  • flower pruner;
  • suitable flowers and greens;
  • herbs;
  • hat box

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