Do you want to install shutters at home? Do you already have an idea of ​​the type of roller shutter you want to ask? Maison en Travaux presents the different types of wooden bamboo blinds, their prices and instructions on how to install shutters according to your project.

Opt for roller shutters?

Discreet and aesthetic, shutters today offer many advantages. First of all, they help to reinforce the sound and thermal insulation of your home by creating a real barrier against noise, low and high temperatures. And they offer superior security against the risk of break-ins. To secure and isolate you’re dwelling as well as possible and ensure maximum comfort, roller shutters are the ideal solution. We will see in detail in this article the different types of shutters, their prices and the different laying techniques to help you to better guide your project of installation of wooden bamboo blinds.

Types of shutters

There are different types of roller shutters on the market, each with their specificities. You choose which installation will best fit your needs and your budget: model kit or made to measure, with manual mechanism (strap or crank) or operating electrically (switch or remote control), recessed or apparent box…

How to choose rolling shutters?

Buying shutters is a decision that needs to be thought through. The first criterion to study is the choice of the blade material which will determine the final price of your installation. The PVC and aluminum blades each offer advantages that will need to be taken into account. Not to mention the aesthetic criterion, which must not be neglected.

Roller shutter and insulation

The PVC shutters allow very good thermal insulation but are not suitable for large openings such as French windows, for example (not sufficiently rigid). If you want to move towards a model of aluminum shutters , then prefer double-walled shutters that will remove thermal bridges.

Roller shutter and security

Rolling shutters today make it possible to strengthen the security of your home. They are equipped with mechanisms that are intended to prevent infractions: automatic or manual security lock, anti-picking system or self-locking system preventing manual reassembly of the blades.

Roller shutter and motorisation

For enhanced comfort of use, you can choose to motorize your wooden bamboo blinds. The electric shutters operate with a switch or remote control system thus saving time and limiting effort. If your home is already equipped with manually operated flywheels, know that it is quite possible to make it electric by adding a motorization system.

Find in the following article more information on the price of motorization of a rolling shutter .

How to install shutters yourself?

Put a rolling shutter is not easy, it will ensure you to be equipped for, to have sufficient help because you will need assistance for some parts. Finally try to understand and anticipate a maximum difficulty level of different tasks. If you do not feel able to carry out these works yourself you will always be able to call on a craftsman for your shutter installation work.

Put a rolling shutter: the prerequisites

  • The prerequisites for installation differ depending on the type of maneuver chosen:
  • If you have opted for manual crank operation
  • It will be necessary to drill the wall at the roller shutter box to bring the winch and crank from the outside to the inside.

If you have chosen a direct manual maneuver

Be aware that it does not require any installation or layout. Indeed, the 2 handles and the lock that will allow you to operate the roller shutter are directly installed on the deck.

If you prefer the wired electric maneuver, two specific arrangements are expected

It will be necessary to provide a wire exit (motor side) to connect the motor to the mains and a wire outlet to the position of installation of the inverter for connection to the motor.

If you have chosen the electric maneuver controlled by a remote control

In this case, only the connection of the motor to the mains is necessary.


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