Post-3rd Orientation: All You Need To know About

the assignment procedure in high school

In the 3rd at the beginning of the second term, all students must wish to continue their studies (general and technological path or vocational path). Vows, assignment, registration .. the Assignment Writing Help  procedure in high school meets a specific schedule. Onisep has gathered for you the answers to the most frequently asked questions to the advisers of the service “My orientation on line” on the orientation post 3rd.

The procedure and the formulation of the wishes

What should be on the post-3rd orientation file?

Do all orientation choices offer the same number of seats?

Assignment Writing Help in high school: school map, sectorization and derogations

Is there the notion of high school sector for vocational high schools?

When a move is planned during the summer, what impact can this have on the student’s assignment?

How to apply in a high school outside of his home academy?

What are the grounds for derogation?

Can having a brother or sister already enrolled in a high school be a reason for derogation?

Can the PAI or the PPS allow to benefit from an Resume Makers in another high school that that of sector?

The high school I am aiming for is an inter-academic recruitment? What does this mean concretely?

Should private schools be indicated in their choice of assignment or only public institutions?

What is the timetable for the post-3rd assignment procedure?

What is the difference between the orientation decision and the assignment?

When are the assignments? How to take notice?

Choosing the lessons of exploration in 2de class

Is there a particular selection to follow the teachings of exploration?

What if two different exploration courses offered by the same high school interest me?

How can I do this if the education I want to follow is not offered by my high school?

The choice of modern languages ​​in high school

The high school that I would like to indicate in 1st choice does not propose the LV2 that I followed so far. What solutions are available to me to be able to continue this language?

To be accepted in European class in high school, should you indicate this choice first in the ranking?

Study prosecution possibilities and assignment criteria

Is being a college student a chance to get the high school of your choice more easily?

Do high schools recruit based on grades obtained in college?

After a class of 3rd SEGPA, is it possible to continue in baccalaureate pro?

What steps to take to integrate a famous Parisian high school?

Disputes and recourses: what solutions?

What if the orientation decision does not meet my expectations?

How to defend his case before the appeal board?

If the assignment proposed to me does not suit me, what should I do? Should I register anyway?

What if I am not assigned to any high school after the procedure?

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