The mortgage is a real opportunity to quickly solve their housing problem when there is a sufficient sum of money to purchase real estate. But count on getting a loan to buy a home may be the only one who fully complies with the requirements of the Bank and has enough income, which is required for the transaction. To ease the task of paying the mortgage faster and pay off the creditor without creating a big burden on the family budget, the borrower can take advantage of special government program aimed at supporting those who have already purchased or wants to purchase housing at the expense of borrowed funds. And despite the budget deficit and reducing spending on social services, rely on cash subsidies for mortgage borrowers will be able in 2018, indicating a high social value housing loans.

Debt restructuring

If the client is unable to pay the mortgage due to the reduction of their income, he can use the program of restructuring envisaged by the Resolution №961. Despite the fact that the document was signed 11.08.2017 year, the program operates on a perpetual basis upon the receipt of funds from the state budget. To rely on the help of mortgage the borrower may in the range of 1.5 million rubles, provided that he is:

  • parent (appointed Trustee) of one or more minor children;
  • combatants and has the corresponding status;
  • disabled (regardless of group) or parent (guardian) of a child with a disability;
  • a parent of a student, who at the time of application is under 23 years if he is studying at the University on the daily form of education.
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To restructuring on preferential terms only if the loan was issued until 2015, and since the transaction was not less than 12 months. In this case the borrower must submit the documents testifying to the reduction of income to prove the fact of absence of funds for payment of mandatory payments. Only in this case he can count on the change of the initial conditions of crediting and subsidizing mortgages in 2018, whereby it will have a chance to repay the debt. Not eligible for compensation penalties and interest that have accrued on the arrears. While the state allocated money only to pay off part of the loan that may be grounds to change the original schedule of payments. The Bank cannot charge additional fees for restructuring that is prohibited by the terms of the program. And all costs associated with subsidy payments are covered by budgetary funds. To what extent will be provided government help in paying off the mortgage in 2018 and whether additional funding has been allocated, is unknown at this time. It will depend on the economic indicators of the third quarter and the size of budget revenues.

To help young families.

The government continues to provide assistance to young families who want to solve their housing issue through online mortgage lender. Thus, in particular, 30 December 2017, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 1711, which provides for the issuance of housing loans at reduced interest rate. And although initially it was unclear whether in 2018 to operate the program Medvedev mortgage or subsidies will be postponed until improvements in the economy, we can say that borrowers have begun to receive housing loans on more favorable terms in all regions of the USian Federation.

Under the current program to subsidize mortgages, the borrower can expect under such conditions:

  • his family has a second or third child is born in the period from 2018 by 2022 (inclusive);
  • application for funds for the purchase of housing was submitted to the seller or commercial Bank that participates in the program;
  • the property is purchased in the primary market from the developer on the basis of the contract of purchase and sale, or equity participation (allowed the purchase of housing with the land that provided by applicable Regulation);
  • compensation from the state is only granted for 3-5 years, and the remainder of the term the customer would have to pay payments;
  • For housing, depending on the region requires 3-8 million RUB (excluding the down payment, which is at least 20%);
  • Payments shall be made in accordance with the schedule of payments, and the loan is no problem debt.

In compliance with all stated conditions a citizen can expect to reduce the rate to 6% per annum, as required by the provisions of the program. And after the grace period, the Bank may, at its discretion, to increase the cost of borrowing (to a maximum of the refinancing rate plus 2 percentage points). The government undertakes to compensate online mortgage lender for loss of income on the first day of each month for the entire duration of the program. It should be noted that the use of help, not all families raising children. Such borrowers should rely on their own financial capabilities when the payment of mortgage loans, particularly if they can’t use other target programs.

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