When you apply for financing from a bank, it asks you to justify your situation with official documents. These coins will allow him to appreciate your ability to repay the credit you request. It is therefore important that your credit application file be complete the day of your USDA loan application  with the institution. The Credit Guide saves you time and lists the coins that could be claimed on D-Day.

Why is it necessary to prepare a good loan application?

Preparing your credit application is a crucial step in finding your home loan. Indeed, the bank requires the presentation of certain documents that will make it possible to decide on the feasibility of your project but also on the credit conditions it may agree to. The more complete your file, the more relevant it will be.

Preparing your file will also allow you to get a quick answer. You avoid round trips and shorten processing times.

A well prepared loan USDA loan application file once can be used several times. Indeed, all banks ask for the same supporting documents. You will be able to play the competition without having to resume editing your record each time.

What documents must my file contain?


Valid identity document or residence permit;

A family record book, a marriage book, a PACS certificate, or a marriage contract if USDA loan application The divorce decree or the definitive agreement or the liquidation act;

If your request is made in the context of an SCI: statutes and the KBIS.

  1. Your domiciliation
  2. If you are a tenant
  3. A lease agreement and last rent receipt.
  4. If you are hosted for free

A certificate of handwritten accommodation dated and signed by the host, the double-sided copy of his identity document, his proof of address;

In all cases, a proof of address of less than 3 months mentioning your name and the address where you reside (EDF, phone bill …).

  1. If you already own
  2. Title deed;
  3. Property tax.
  4. Your professional situation
  5. If you are an employee
  6. Your last 3 payslips + last December;
  7. A certificate of employment stating the date of taking a job or employment contract;
  8. A pre-filled income tax return for the previous year;
  9. The last 2 tax notices;
  10. Any additional income (pension, pension, family allowances, pensions, etc.).
  11. If you are a non salaried manager
  12. Your last 3 balance sheets;
  13. KBIS and statutes.
  14. If you are a liberal profession
  15. Your financial situation
  16. Your bank accounts
  17. Your last 3 bank statements;
  18. Your last 3 statements of professional bank account (if you are manager);
  19. A bank account statement (RIB).

Your savings

Proof of personal contribution (notarized deed if donation, statement of account if savings, a statement of the rights to loan from the housing savings plan (PEL) or principal of sale of the property for sale if loan relay);

Your credits in progress

An attestation of other loans deposited, if USDA loan application  (employer loans , zero rate loans and others);

Your depreciation schedule ;

The last monthly statement of your consumer credit .

Your heritage

A certificate of ownership, property taxes, property values;

Your savings statements PEL , CEL, LDD (formerly Codevi), Livret A, etc. ;

Your investments (life insurance …).

Depending on your project, you will need to add the following documents to the list mentioned above:

Your project

Regulated loans (loan agreement, social loan and zero interest loan):

APL proof .

A proof of first-time buyer proving that you have not owned for more than 2 years (lease with 24 receipts of rent).

A certificate of accommodation + copy of the identity card of the host and his notice of property tax.

Purchase in the old

Your sales agreement ;

An estimate of the work.

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